There's little Brad smiling up at us from Us Weekly. And for the record, I think Kelly Osbourne is too thin. There's naturally thin and there's "I'm getting very thin very fast despite my body's natural state" thin.

I missed these pissing matches. I really did.

Two days ago Reality Steve tweeted the news that Brad Womack would be the next Bachelor.

Two hours after that 90-something-percent sure post, People magazine dropped their own story about how Chris Lambton and Ty Brown were still being considered.

Star Magazine called Steve to get their own tabloid scoop on the story. Steve confirmed with his sources later the same day that it would indeed be Brad Womack. Someone posted a “confirmation” from Chris Harrison on his Facebook page, but it turns out the page was fake.

(Now Chris H. is saying he will sit next to the real Bachelor this Monday on “Dancing with the Stars.”)

What are the 25 women going to say when they see it's Brad ... again? The 25 men/women aren't usually told in advance who the main person will be.

And yet today Us Weekly has an “exclusive” story with a insider who says Brad Womack will be the next Bachelor.

I love Us Weekly. It makes me smile. The back and forth between Us Weekly and “The Bachelor” universe is such fun to observe from the sidelines.

It’s especially interesting to see how the rag completely ignores Steve’s new intel considering they — Us Weekly —were actually right about Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez being engaged after “The Bachelorette” when Steve stuck with his sources, who were wrong for once, insisting that Ali was single.

But other than Steve’s “Bachelorette” glitch — and the apology he’s supposedly going to explain tomorrow — he’s been right about most things. Or, I should say, his sources have been right. He’s not like the Fans of Reality TV sleuths. FORT doesn’t wait to be told.


Here’s the Us Magazine story:

Brad Womack, take two!

After infamously jilting both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during the season 11 finale of ABC’s The Bachelor in 2007, the Texas-bred hunk, 37, is close to signing on for a return engagement.

“Brad is very sincere and believes in the show,” a source close to the series tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). “That’s why he didn’t pick someone last time. He was never in it for the publicity. He wants to find a wife.”

But this go-round, the Austin bar owner will show a different side. “Brad knows he has to open up more,” says the insider. “Last time, he was reserved with the women.”

And while the insider says producers are also considering aspiring country singer Ty Brown, 31 — the fourth runner-up on Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette — viewers can all but rule out that round’s runner-up, Chris Lambton, 33.

“Chris has been living large,” says the source. “He isn’t ready to settle down and is having a blast being single.”


And here’s Steve’s response in his blog today:

As for “US Weekly” today claiming on their site it’s an “exclusive”, that just shows the depths of which those parasites will sink. Jeez, at least give credit where credit is due. It’s not an exclusive when I reported it two days ago AND one of your main competitors, Star Magazine, called me immediately after I posted and put it on their website Monday afternoon. So ridiculous. Every time I post a quote, or reference a story I read online about this show, I always credit who reported it or where it came from. All I ask is the same in return. Apparently that’s too much for them. I guess I somewhat understand. I mean, when a blogger in Texas is constantly beating you when it comes to inside information for this show, I guess you have to pretend you’re winning. Hell, take my website completely out of the equation. ran the story on their site TWO DAYS AGO because they actually followed up with my Twitter post and called me asking for quotes and verifying it.


Steve also says the response to Brad 2.0 has been 80/20 against. Over on our Wetpaint Bachelor site it’s more like 95/5 against.

I’m completely in favor. I don’t think this is a good idea. I think it’s a great idea.

Also cheerleading for Brad: Trista Sutter. She took to Twitter in favor of the guy. So there are at least a few of us hoping for the best.

Steve also said the filming of Brad’s season is being moved up. Taping will begin this weekend. The new season always starts the first Monday in January, so just expect that again.

I don’t know if Brad Womack has a Twitter yet, but it doesn’t look like it. I want a way to e-stalk him find out what’s going on, but it’s tough right now. FORT, can you help me?


Anyway, it looks like it’s on in a big way so catch up on my Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad archive here and bookmark for all news, gossip, spoilers, top 10 lists and other stuff. Seriously, we’re posting about 4-5 stories a day on there, even in the Bachelor “off season.” Why? Because we’re effing nuts about the stupid show! You should be too.