I'm still voting for "No, she would never wear that." The model's hair and shades say Jackie, but the outfit says dressed-in-the-dark. This mixed patterns looks is really big right now? Go ahead and laugh at me, elitists, but this is a silly trend.

Dang. “A Rough Day on the Runway” is right.

Chicken and egg time: Did the judges start the bullying trend on “Project Runway” season 8 or are the judges feeding off the Gretchen/Ivy Mean Girls tag-team from the first half of the season?

At any rate, I’m starting to question my own taste level — and the judges’ morality level.

Poor Andy on the right and poor Michael D. on the left. Neither was treated well by the judges, but Andy was just ripped apart. But MD was the one sent home.

You can make a point about garments without being cruel. The judges don’t seem to see the line anymore, piling on poor Andy in a way that amounted to laughing at and bullying him.

They have the power and they are abusing it.

Their words were not constructive; they were hurtful and I felt uncomfortable for him. He dealt with it, of course, with incredible class. More than the judges deserved. I’m actually angry for him right now.

And I liked what Andy made. I really did (except for the crotch). Deal with it. I also liked what Casanova made last week.

I also hated Mondo’s take on “American sportswear”— declared “the clear winner” by everyone.

You’re trying to tell me Jackie O. would wear that? Where exactly? When I think of Jackie I think “classic” and “timeless” and this ensemble already looks dated to me.

And don’t give me the nonsense that “she wouldn’t wear it just like this, but you can see the idea of her as the inspiration.” Bull. Everyone else was called out on the idea that Jackie would or would not wear the look. The rules apply to everyone, including Mondo.

I could see Jackie wearing Christopher's outfit today. I mean, not if she were in her 80s, but in her "prime." (When is a woman's prime, by the way? Did I miss it?)

Mixed patterns may be trendy right now, but Jackie wasn’t trendy; she was a trend-setter. Not the same. She’s classic and elegant and that outfit was quirky Mondo.

What did Michael Drummond say? “If you took Jackie Kennedy to the desert and gave her some mescaline to eat then you would have Jacqueline Kennedy and Mondo.” I think Christopher had it right with “If Jackie Kennedy came back as a tranny…”

This is cute for Mondo, but the challenge was American sportswear that Jackie K/O would wear if she were alive today. If that was not the challenge, what the heck was the challenge?

The judges love that Mondo did something unexpected and stuck to his own style, but they also bashed Andy for basically the same thing. They just think Mondo is cute with his Cotton Club look.

(He is cute, but Casanova was cute too.)

Anyway, Christopher had my favorite look. He is an American sportswear designer and I loved his simple, classic look. It fit the challenge.

The Episode 8 elimination came down to Michael D. and Valerie and, as MD expected, he was toast. There goes the funny Valerie wishes she could be.

What happened to Valerie, by the way? There’s always someone on PR who starts strong and goes off-track. Looks like it’s Valerie this season. I blame the way her voice? Goes up? Like every sentence is a question?

Sidenote: I’m so disappointed in April. The second she moved into The Bitch Pad she became one of Them. Ivy braided her hair, she ragged on Andy’s look, she even used “we” when referring to herself and Gretchen. She needs Peach to come back and remind her what it means to be snarky but sweet.

Gretchen, of course, thought there should’ve been more than three people in the bottom and she was shocked — shocked! — to not be in the top.

Bye Michael D.! Go look up Waterloo and then play the ABBA song. It will make you smile.


Christopher Collins — Pale, elegant, classy. I think it hit Tim Gunn’s “quality, taste, style, sophistication, elegance, expensive” buttons. Betty Draper would wear that, if nothing else. I love it. Judges: I love that January Jones loved it too. Heidi thought the shrug looked like “a dirty old rug.” Thanks.

(By the way, if you aren’t, you should be watching January Jones as Betty Draper on “Mad Men,” #1 on my list of the top 15 TV shows. Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Be there.)

This is Ivy's most challenge-appropriate look. The more I look at it, the more I like it. She definitely bested Gretchen this week. This is also the only "outerwear" I actually like. The other shrugs, vests and jackets looked tacked on, which they were. Why did they force the outerwear part, anyway?

April Johnston — It’s edgy like April, but not Jackie O. Judges: Safe.

Ivy Higa — I don’t think it’s original or anything no one has seen before, but it’s OK. Judges: She was inspired by shapes and squares? MK thinks “intrinsically it’s elegant.” He likes the neckline and the geography. Heidi thinks there’s too much design on the top. She doesn’t know where to look. It’s better without the coat, I agree. Nina loves the shoes.

Michael Costello — Very plain cocktail dress. Nice color, but way too safe and not on point. Judges: Safe

Gretchen Jones — Don’t like the back of her cape. Don’t like the cape at all. Underneath was probably OK. Judges: Safe. Gretchen was so upset that she wasn’t in the top. April kissed her ass too. Michael C. joined in, then told the camera he was bullbleeping her. Bad MC! Don’t be two-faced.

Michael Drummond — No. Nothing about this is appropriate. It’s too young, not fashionable. He thinks he’s going home and so do I. Judges: MK thinks this is “schizophrenic Jackie.” Old lady on top, mall-walking cheerleader on the bottom.

OK, the fit looks even worse from here. But I still love Andy.

Valerie Mayen — Dark, drab. Valerie, what happened to you? I agree with the judges. I don’t care about jacket over a jacket, but the colors are drab. Judges: Michael K.: “Simple doesn’t mean boring.”

Andy South — Other than the crotch fit, I love this. Love Andy. But what do I know, honestly. Judges: Heidi found it hard to keep it together; she wanted to crack up. “I feel like I’m on a different planet.” If you can picture Jackie in Mondo’s why not this? She doesn’t see it at all. At all. At all. AT ALL, if we didn’t get it. January doesn’t see the silhouette or American sportswear. Uh oh. Andy makes excuses. MK: “So what are you, a grand couturier?” Ouch! He calls it “MC Hammer meets the Beverly Hillbillies grandmother.” The fit is horrific. Then there are ankle boots. Nina wanted him to take the terrible vest off. Nina calls it “a train wreck.”

Mondo Guerra — I’m just going to have to accept that Mondo’s world is not my world. Maybe mixing patterns is “in” but not for me. Cool crowd elitists, feel free to mock my lack of fashion sense. Judges: Mondo always tells a cute little story to help him sell the garment. Heidi wanted to hear about his look. I knew they would love that. Heidi could see Jackie in this outfit?! Um… Well, this seems to fit with the Blogging Project Runway predictions.


Michael C.: Opaque is not a color, but if it was, it would be called “Ivy.”

Mondo: Why do I feel like Harry Potter in this coat?

Michael C.: Whenever Tim Gunn says there’s a twist, I want to smack him in the head.

What was under Gretchen's frumpy wrap?

Gretchen: I feel like the easiest way to screw yourself is second guessing.

[to Ivy]: Jackie O. would not wear goth. You are right, madam.

Valerie [on Michael D.]: He’s the funny that I wish I could be.

Tim [to Andy]: How is this whole crotch area?

Tim [to Andy]: Jackie Kennedy would not have cameltoe.

Christopher: A little piece of my soul is dying with each second.

Christopher: If Jackie Kennedy came back as a tranny…

Michael D.
: If you took Jackie Kennedy to the desert and gave her some mescaline to eat then you would have Jacqueline Kennedy and Mondo.

Andy: A fashion-forward person takes risks.


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