This is just a photo, not a video clip, but I think the "potentially dangerous personality conflicts" are happening in this scene. And is that Brenda to the right, playing with her hair again?

Anyone else notice in that little “next week on Survivor” clip that NaOnka Mixon basically stole Sandra Diaz-Twine’s line from “Survivor: Pearl Islands”?

Remember when she got in Jonny Fairplay’s face with “I can get loud too, what the f–k?”

NaOnka uses the same “I can’t get loud too” comment in the preview, this time against Fabio, aka Jud, aka student/model/musician Judson Birza.

When they’re already name dropping past stars and stealing their best lines it doesn’t give me hope for a terribly original season.

Anyway, CBS just released some information on next week’s episode of “Survivor: Nicaragua”:

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, “Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All” — Overwhelmed with paranoia, one castaway behaves erratically and finally reaches a breaking point that threatens to end their game early. Tempers flare at La Flor and fights erupt as the young castaways struggle to overcome some potentially dangerous personality conflicts within the tribe.

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La Flor Tribe (The Flower)
Alina Wilson, 23; student/model
Ben “Benry” Henry, 24; bar owner
Brenda Lowe, 27; business owner, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader
Chase Rice, 24; NASCAR jackman/singer
Judson Birza, 21; student/model/musician
Kelly Bruno, 25; medical student, amputee triathlete
Kelly Shinn, 20; student
Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, 30; luxury broker
NaOnka Mixon, 27; P.E. teacher
Shannon Elkins, 30; business owner

Espada Tribe (The Sword)
Dan Lembo, 63; property management
Holly Hoffman, 44; swim coach
Jane Bright, 56; dog trainer
Jillian Behm, 43; ER physician
Jimmy Johnson, 67; retired NFL coach/TV sports broadcaster
Jimmy Tarantino, 48; fisherman/government seafood inspector
Marty Piombo, 48; wine industry executive
Tyrone Davis, 42; fire captain
Yve Rojas, 41; stay-at-home mom