This looks like Chase, maybe Wendy, Kelly B. and Holly there in the background. Remember Chad back on Vanuatu? He was the first "Survivor" amputee. Kelly B. is the second.

Why do they tease me? Get me nervous, even before my first cup of coffee, that Jeff Probst will leave “Survivor” after this year?

It doesn’t seem to be true at all. They could never replace him, anyway.

Speaking of anyway, tonight is the night for “Survivor: Nicaragua” to introduce us to old vs. young. No people in their 30s need apply. (Suck it, CBS!)

Learn more about the cast and new rules (Medallion of Powaahhh!) here.

And watch a premiere preview here at

In terms of spoilers, I have not seen a boot list yet — unlike “Heroes vs. Villains,” which had a good one — but I have seen some spoilers about the final three. Check them out here. No comments from me on that yet. As things progress I will be writing about more spoilers, but I’ll include the requisite “spoiler alert” markers.

By the way, how do we feel about this new “Survivor” on Wednesdays thing? I know that’s how it used to be, back in the day, but my Wednesdays are already pretty packed. I’ve got “Top Model” tonight as well as the “Top Chef: Washington, DC” finale and premiere of “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” aka “Top Chef: Just Food Porn.”

Of course I don’t HAVE to watch anything, but this is my lifestyle of choice. Don’t judge!

I just hope tonight’s “Survivor” contestants find a way not to name-drop Russell Hantz. I just did it, but no one cares. It means more to his ego if he’s name-dropped on primetime.

Speaking of Russell bashing, catch up on my “Survivor” stories in this nifty archive. Parvati, I’ll always consider you the true winner of HvV.