I'm almost ready to give up.

This is what you’ve done, “Bachelor Pad” sextestants. You’ve fed the “man code” monster. Thanks a lot.

Everyone in “The Bachelor” universe is in love with David Good. Everyone.

Even Wes Hayden gushes with love over Dave, and says something about having a gun pulled on him in Texas. But that’s not important right now.

What’s important is how all of this adulation has gone to Dave/Gaston’s head. He has a book coming out called “The Man Code” and he is going to use the $125,000 he got from winning “Bachelor Pad” with Natalie Getz to promote the book.

Natalie, by the way, has already used some of her money to buy shoes. She’ll get to that prostate cancer charity later.

Check out more information on Dave’s book here.

Weirdly enough, some girls on the Bachelorette Fans facebook page are already excited to buy the book — and buy Dave. What is up with this guy’s appeal?

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