Apparently it was really hot on this boat, and not the good hot.

Tim Gunn: “I’m not going to talk about the crack-smoking judges. I promised I wouldn’t.”

Ha! Oh Tim, why are you so awesome?

And yet by calling the judges that, right after saying he’s sorry for the loss of Casanova and calling out Ivy as the new villain, I think Tim is saying he’s not happy with the way “Project Runway’s” “What’s Mine Is Yours” challenge panned out.

Tim taped his Episode 7 vlog from a car on his way to Fashion’s Night Out. As usual, he had some lovely and irreverent things to say — and not just about those three hot wasted hours on a boat.

When he heard about the challenge he loved the topic of resort wear, but not the way in which it was done.

In the original plan, each team of two would make one garment and five garments total would walk the runway. One team member would work on the garment for an hour while the other would rest in the designer’s lounge.

Tim: “I thought this was ridiculous. It’s a game show stunt and there’s no corollary to what happens in the fashion industry. So if you hated last night’s challenge, or at least the structure of it, you have me to blame.”

At least Gretchen and Tim are still on speaking terms. Ivy probably would've freezed him out after that rant.

At 6 a.m. on the day the challenge was being presented (“God forefend that I know anything in advance”) he told the producers if you want a corollary to what happens in the fashion industry, one designer should execute the other’s design work.

(I just love that Tim uses words like “forefend”!)

He thought it would be a good opportunity for the designers to work with different models, but that didn’t happen. Instead, for example, Gretchen executed Casanova’s design on her own model. So if you were late coming into the show you might not get that it’s Casanova’s design on Gretchen’s model, and Gretchen’s design on Casanova’s model.

But this is the funniest part: On runway morning, Tim was asking the director why the designers were moving “like molasses.” He was told they were waiting for him to come in and tell them they could get their designs back. Someone had told them the night before, don’t worry, Tim will be coming in the next morning to tell you that you can get your garments back.

Tim: “I said ‘Well Tim’s not doing anything of the kind.'”


The whole challenge was about not touching the garment and now they are going to get it back for 2.5 hours? And furthermore why were they told the night before so they had all night to think about what they would do? How would the judges judge it? How would the audience understand it?

Tim: “Look, I’m already getting hot and bothered all over again!”

He wanted to talk to the executive producer but they weren’t around so he talked to the designers themselves and told them he heard what they were told last night and he believed it was “a profoundly bad idea” and he didn’t want to do it. He wanted them to stick with what they were doing.

They applauded and were “so hugely relieved” and Tim was glad that hurdle was over.

But I’m confused by that, because we DID see Ivy and Michael Drummond exchanging garments on the morning of the runway show. So they did have some time with their own garments, right?

Anyway, Tim ends with a chuckle about Gretchen 2.0.

Tim: “And a new villain has appeared on the scene. Welcome, Ivy! So Gretchen has some competition.”

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