Dave and Natalie win. Going topless and hooking up with multiple people in the house pays, kids.

Oh for heaven’s sake.

The good news is the “Bachelor Pad” cast can see through Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke. I’m glad to hear it.

Bad news: They can’t see through Dave Good.

Jessie Sulidis is no longer dating Kirk from "The Bachelorette" so she's free to downgrade to Dave.

Why does everyone love him? Does he smell like that Old Spice guy? I don’t get it.

Not only did he split the “Bachelor Pad” winnings with Natalie Getz — according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, see below he seems to be the one person Krisily Kennedy (who said she wasn’t into him anymore), Natalie and even Peyton Wright and Jessie Sulidis all want to be with.

I guess he chose Jessie. For now.

Good-ish news: Apparently Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand are on. I like them. I’ve always liked Wes, even when he was a cartoon character on “The Bachelorette.”

I thought there was only supposed to be one winner of “Bachelor Pad” but this whole show has been a crock of shite since day one so why am I surprised when they just change the rules whenever they feel like it.

I used to like this show for its camp/trash value, but now I think I would rather have a new season of “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” than a “Bachelor Pad 2.”

UPDATE: ‘Bachelor Pad’ finale recap: Dave Good is an ageist d-bag, but did Tenley Molzahn lose $250,000 for herself and Kiptyn Locke?


Here is the full finale report from Reality Steve:

-Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance contest. Melissa, Jake, and Trista were the judges.

-Tenley and Kiptyn then get to choose who they want to go up against in the finals. They take Dave and Natalie obviously.

-Then all the contestants from this season are brought on stage and allowed to ask all four of them questions, grilling them on whatever they feel like. Then each team makes a “plea” to the jury on why they think they deserve the money. Very “Survivor”-ish. Apparently Tenley’s speech was a 20 minute diatribe and had pretty much turned everyone off at that point. With 15 people on the “jury” each is given a card to hold up voting which couple they want in the finals. Whichever couple got 8 votes first is in the finals. Dave and Natalie win by a rather large amount. I’m hearing only 4 or 5 people voted for Tenley and Kiptyn. Not many people are too hip to their act at this point.

-So Dave and Natalie are the final two and are immediately told that they now must go into a separate room and either choose the word “keep” or “share” in regards to the 250k. They are not given time to talk this over. If:

One chooses “keep” and the other chooses “share”, then the one who chose “keep” would get all the 250k.

They both chose “share”, then they would split the 250k.

They both chose “keep”, the remaining CAST would actually split the 250k.

-Dave and Natalie go off and vote. Natalie makes it seem like she chose “keep”, but pulls a “just kidding” on everyone, and its revealed her and Dave both chose “share” and they end up splitting the 250k.

Other happenings:

-Gia and Wes profess their “love” for each other and make out on stage in front of everyone. Still not dating though. Their making out continued well into the after party for everyone to see.

-Elizabeth goes off on Kovacs calling him a player and what not. Apparently he’s unfazed by this since he’s hooking up with someone else now not on the show.

-Jesse Beck has a new girlfriend who also isn’t part of the show that he brought to the after party.

-Dave Good is one hot commodity. I’m hearing Natalie, Krisily, and Peyton all wanted a piece of him at the after party but he ended up leaving with Jessie. This left a few people quite unhappy.


Seriously. Someone fill me in on how a rageaholic like Dave “Man Code” Good is such a prize? I’ll take a Reid Rosenthal over a Dave Good anyday.

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