All the guys seem to think Jessie Sulidis is the hottest girl. Does it matter if her top half is, uh, augmented?

**UPDATE** Here’s the scoop on the finale and winner(s)

He took a beating after “The Bachelorette” but Reality Steve’s “Bachelor Pad” spoilers have been on point.

The finale taping was last night and Steve just tweeted this:

“Just found out who won Bach Pad 2 min b4 flight takes off for Vegas. Will post after I find out more info and get situated. Prob a few hrs”

That was around 1:30 or so East Coast time. So come back later to find out what happens! I’m guessing Kiptyn Locke wins…

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**Update** Apparently “Prob a few hrs” means “Prob tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. I couldn’t just tweet the winner’s name because that would save people from checking my website and Twitter every 10 minutes. I like being an Elizabeth Kitt-style tease.”