Why couldn't Elizabeth, Tenley and Natalie leave? Wah!

What a crock.

Ashley Elmore, Gwen Gioia and Nikki Kappke had no chance to defend themselves. They had to go home for not being the hot piece of one of the d-bags on “Bachelor Pad.”

As if this show doesn’t hate women enough, these three ladies had to stand there while the four guys offered kisses to save the ladies of their choice. And they chose the other ladies.

What really sucks is most of those couples — Jesse Kovacs/Elizabeth Kitt, Dave Good/Natalie Getz and Kiptyn Locke/Tenley Molzahn — already knew each other before the show started.

The only “new” couple is Jesse Beck/Peyton Wright and they are not a couple. Unless you count little brother/annoyed older sister.

Elizabeth said it was hard to say goodbye to Ashley, Gwen and Nikki. Not only didn’t they win the $250,000,  they didn’t find love either.

Condescending much?

Elizabeth: I could very well be in Gwen’s shoes one day. In my 40s and still wanting love to find me again.

OUCH! She’s 39.

By the way, Elizabeth, Kovacs is probably not going to put up with you for 10 more days, never mind 10 years.

And this — THIS —  is what we have to put up with for the rest of the show:

Tenley: Kissing is fun. And Kiptyn is fun. ‘Cause we are Kip-Ten.


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