These families keep trying, but they just can't make it work. At least now it's 1-1.

Maybe this is why Ali’s mom wanted that photo of Chris Lambton. Although, no, that still doesn’t make much sense…

Anyway, The Boston Herald has a story today about how Ali Fedotowsky’s mom went to Dennis, Massachusetts (which is nowhere near Williamstown, Mass.) to make her pitch for Pops Lambton.

Good for her!

But apparently there was no “spark.” Not like Ed and Marjorie. Not like Ali and Roberto. Oh well.


Read on for the Herald story:

Williamstown homegal Ali Fedotowsky and Dennis landscaper Chris Lambton didn’t make a final love connection on “The Bachelorette,” but here’s something that will make you go hmmmmm: Ali’s mom and Chris’ dad went out on a date!

Word from the Cape is that Elizabeth Fedotowsky showed up unannounced at Chez Lambton in Dennis, knocked on the door and introduced herself to Chris’ dad, Ed.

Now as all good “Bachelorette” fans know, Ed lost his lovely wife, Marjorie, to ALS back in 2008, and Ali’s mom is divorced. And apparently Mrs. F. was rather taken with the dashing-yet-sad Ed when she saw him on the hit ABC reality dating show.

“She knocked on his door and introduced herself,” said Someone Who Knows. “She said she thought it was time they met.”

Ed, being the gentleman that he is, took Elizabeth out to lunch at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar on Route 6A. But alas, there was no romantic spark. Chris told a pal on the Cape that, yes, they went out, but no, they are not dating. Which is probably just as well, because if Mom and Dad got together, that would make Chris and Ali stepbro and stepsis, and that would be just too weird. Or, perhaps, a really fascinating reality TV show!

Now, we hear that Chris’ dad has a pretty good reason for not tying himself down to one woman at the mo. Apparently he’s Mr. Popularity on the Cape ever since his 15 minutes of “The Bachelorette” fame!

“Women are leaving flowers and notes on his doorstep,” said Someone Who Knows. “They are asking him out on dates. I hear he’s getting more action than Chris out of this thing.” Which is not to say that Chris is Mr. Lonelyhearts. He’s also being relentlessly stalked by female fans, said our Cape spies.


Never mind Chris L. as “The Bachelor,” it sounds like Pops is already starring in “The Bachelor: Cape Cod.” The two of them should have their own show together. Just take out new ladies each week.

Actually, I kinda like the idea that he can never replace Marjorie. Isn’t that the ideal we all have? One “soul mate” for life? Or am I being too Tenley?

Seriously, though: When are we going to get the announcement on the new fella? “The Bachelor” usually starts up the first week in January. They need to start filming in November. So they have two months to get this puppy going.

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Hey, maybe Ali’s mom can be the new Bachelorette!