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Top 20 quotes from ‘True Blood’ Season 3: ‘Fresh Blood’

Eric likes it best when we’re cold and heartless, so I’ll be blunt: “Fresh Blood” kinda sucked. Definitely not one of Season 3’s better episodes and nowhere near the standard of the Dallas episodes in Season 2. However, the last 10 minutes were pretty special since they focused on Eric and Pam and all the poignant things about being a supernatural being. Here are my 20 favorite quotes from “Fresh Blood.” But what do I know. I’m just an infatuated tween. Add your favorite quotes in the comments. 20. Eric to Russell: Be brave. We’ll die… Full story here

True Blood ‘Fresh Blood’ recap: Only the last 10 minutes are ‘Fresh’

“True Blood” doesn’t usually make my eyes glaze over, but there were at least four scenes during Season 3 Episode 11 “Fresh Blood” where I started to drift: 1. Jesus going on about how he wants to do more V. (I still don’t buy this.) 2. “Grandpa” Jason Stackhouse going after the football star who does V. (I still don’t care about this.) 3. Arlene having some flashback moments with Holly during their non-abortion ritual (I still don’t understand this.) 4. Tara crying over Eggs and staring Andy down, even after he offered her his… Full story here