I do love Georgina Chapman, but they should've saved the Marchesa queen for a red carpet challenge. (Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television photo)

Tim is God. God is Tim. Accept.

Tim Gunn has been The Truth about “Project Runway” season 8, mostly through his vlogs, where he has ripped into Gretchen Jones and the judges for their taste and behavior.

On the Fall Fashion team challenge, Gretchen predictably took over Team Luxe and, in keeping with all of her advice to other designers, ran it into the ground.

I feel sorry for Michael Costello but, at the same time, he CHOSE Gretchen as his first team member. As April Johnston so colorfully put it, “Do you want to hire Hitler? Seriously?” You have to know what you’re getting with her.

Not only was awful, mouthy (G)retchen on the team, her lackeys were there, too. Every word out of her mouth was parroted by the even more awful Ivy — at least Gretchen has some talent — as well as the otherwise likable Andy, Christopher and A.J.

Tim is right about how Gretchen bosses everyone around, but she’s not a bully. They didn’t sit quietly, cowed by her personality. They all nodded and gushed about her ideas. They were high on themselves.

Michael C. had immunity from the last challenge and everyone made it QUITE CLEAR they didn’t agree with his win. (I also thought Christopher should’ve won, but there’s no need to blame Michael C.)

They treated him like arse and threw him under the bus on the runway, even though the judges repeated that he had immunity and it was all wasted words.

You wanna know why Nina Garcia is The Goddess Known As Nina Garcia? For her Gretchen impression after Gretchen pulled her quick 180 from loving the collection to saying it sucked. She was so busy taking care of everyone else she couldn’t focus on her own talents! Catch her before she faints!


Casanova is too sensitive. Tim hurt his feelings, but Casanova has wafer thin skin. He needs to man up a bit. Having said that, I was THRILLED to see the underdogs succeed this week. That Casanova and Peach were the top two and Gretchen ended up in the bottom two? That was pretty sweet.

Bet Valerie loved that. LOVED that.

Having said all of that, I think Ivy should’ve been the one to go home. Her Grandpa outfit was horrifying and she has shown NO point of view as a designer. Her hat design last week was so drab. “Inspired by the hospital” drab.

A.J. does have a point of view, he just ignored it completely for this challenge and unfortunately he ended up being eliminated for an ugly shirt thing that had nothing to do with his aesthetic.

Not that he should’ve been let off the hook. Why did it take him so effing long to make that one ugly thing?

From this point on I think the judges and Tim may be harsh with Gretchen but she is pretty much a lock to go to Fashion Week.

And Tim said in his last vlog that one bonus of the 90-minute format is that it shows more than two dimensions to each person. We may dislike Gretchen now, but she shows a different side going forward. That’s the impression I got from Tim, anyway.

Here’s my ranking for the contestants at this point in the season:

Valerie Mayen, 29, Cleveland, OH
Christopher Collins, 30, San Francisco, CA
Michael Drummond, 31, St. Louis, MO
Andy South, 23, Waipahu, HI
Gretchen Jones, 28, Portland, OR
Peach Carr, 50, Lake Forest, IL
Michael Costello, 27, Palm Springs, CA
Mondo Guerra, 32, Denver, CO
Carlos Casanova, 33, Astoria, NY
April Johnston, 21, Savannah, GA
Ivy Higa, 30, New York, NY

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