I copied this pic of Levi Johnston and Bristol Effing Palin from NY Daily News.

“Dancing with the Stars” is dangerously close to jumping the shark — and the Fall 2010 cast list hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

Bristol Palin?

Bristol Effing Palin?

Can I say “Shut the Front Door?” or is that already passé?

Why would DWTS pick Bristol — the daughter of a failed fly-by-night veep nominee — over an ABC family member like “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky? What has Bristol done to deserve the “Star” treatment?

She makes Kate Gosselin seem like Julia Roberts. At least Kate has her own shows and books and other crap she doesn’t deserve.

I’m disgusted. If I didn’t have to watch DWTS to snark about it for the lovely and amazing DWTSShow.com, I would avoid it. But I shall rise above my anguish. Actually, I shall wallow in denial until the official cast list is revealed on Monday during “Bachelor Pad.” Maybe this is all more ABC manipulation! Please?

If this E! story is correct, we’re looking at one of the worst cast lists ever. And on the heels of the highest rated season yet. What gives?


To quote Kristin Dos Santos of E!:

The list just keeps on growing! After breaking the news that Bristol Palin is on board for season 11 of Dancing With the Stars, we can now confirm that two real-life exes of Desperate Housewives stars are in the cast. One is Michael Bolton and the other is... Rick Fox!

Yes, my reliable sources confirm that the former Mr. Vanessa Williams and current Mr. Eliza Dushku (some of you may know him as an NBA star) has been cast on the new season of DWTS, which begins September 20. Williams stars as the new fifth housewife this season on Wisteria Lane. She and Rick most recently starred together on the late Ugly Betty.

Also confirmed by my sources to be part of the cast: Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge, The Situation, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, Florence Henderson.

I’m told that despite rumors, Kirstie Alley won’t be there, and neither will soccer star Landon Donovan, football star Troy Aiken, or Ali, Roberto or anyone from the Bachelor or Bachelorette.


Point to the contestant I’m supposed to care about, ’cause I’m lost.

OK, maybe Florence Henderson. But barely.