They should've vomited last week's cherry pies all over The Insiders.

Am I going straight to hell if I can’t get “Love Don’t Come Easy” out of my head?

It’s been a week now! It started after the previews from last week’s “Bachelor Pad” and for whatever reason ABC let Wes Hayden play the whole dang song on air this week.

I … I almost want to buy it. (Don’t hate me!)

Gia Allemand completed her tour of self-delusion this week on episode 3. If I were her boyfriend, I would dump her less for cheating with Wes than having no idea why anyone would blame her for the collapse of The Outsiders.

Jonathan Novack is a victim of his looks and his desperate attempt at charm. It’s high school. A really crap high school. And Dave Good and Natalie Getz are the Homecoming King and Queen (of STDs). If there are two trashier people on TV, never tell me about them.

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