If I were a guy and the choice was gay or Shayne Lamas, I'd go gay. But just because a guy isn't into Monkey doesn't mean he's isn't into sane chicks. Maybe he's gay, maybe he's not. Either way, he dodged a bullet with this one.

This Monkey has sharp, sharp claws.


I happened to love the part of E!’s “The Bachelor: Then & Now” special where Matt Grant ripped into his ex-chosen one, Shayne Lamas:

Matt: “Did I find true love on the show? Um, no. Not one little bit. I proposed to a woman who was about a foot and a half shorter than me, who had nothing in common with me and thought there were palm trees in London. Did I make a mistake? Yes. Did I look like an idiot? Yes. Do I regret it? A little bit.”

But apparently Shayne Lamas didn’t appreciate it. That aired in late July so I’m not sure why she waited a month to unleash this, but she just tweeted this with a link to her site:

“Here is the real reason Matt Grant is not on The Bachelor Pad http://www.lamasrichie.com/lamasrichie/dont-give-roses-to-a-scorpio/


At that link is a blog post titled “Don’t Give Roses To A Scorpio” where she unleashes some anger toward the British Bachelor (section bolded by me):

“I am not the one to kiss and tell, I treat everything like a vault. When it’s bought I own it, when a friend tells me a secret it’s forgotten and when I work it’s public.

I acknowlege my personal situations either because of the un-spoken rule in Hollywood that crisis calls for statement or someone of special interest speaks in a very unflattering/un-called for manner in a very public way- “I know a secret and now you will know too.”

Very recently E! network did a fabulous “Where are they now” special with the content being ABC’s The Bachelor and past Bachelorettes. In the docu type program, E! interviews all past rose givers about their present lives, but for some odd reason my ex-fiance decided to veer off track and speak on his past and not present.

Matt Grant tells E! that he regrets giving the final rose to myself and I was way too short for him. As I listen to Matt trash me on national television I don’t understand why he’s saying this as if there was bad blood between us. We ended very amicably and I have never answered a question about Matt Grant since we split.

Not the case for my EX. Matt milks his Bachelor experience whenever he can and is always trying to give a shock value type of answer so his name will stay in the press. What I don’t understand is why Matt hasn’t finally confessed that he is gay and the very first Gay Bachelor. Matt, your confession would be more press worthy than trying to ride my coattails. I am happily married so let it go. If only ABC would let him tell the truth about his sexuality, all parties involved would win.



That “sdlr” stands for Shayne Dahl Lamas Richie. The Richie is from husband Nik Richie, who took his own Twitter shots at Matt Grant back in April:

“nikrichie: I wanted to give my wife a rose tonight but I didn’t want her to have flashbacks of English douchebag with fake teeth.” Shayne retweeted the message.

So there’s officially a war on.

Matt Grant is supposedly doing a show called “Pimp My Bride” and on “The Bachelor: Then & Now” he mentioned staying in Los Angeles instead of London because the women are more beautiful in L.A. Was that all an act or is Shayne Lamas just angry and starting rumors? Just because he wasn’t into her doesn’t mean he’s gay. It just means he’s sane.

Either way — gay or not — shame on her for getting this personal, especially under the hypocritical guise of “I am not the one to kiss and tell…”

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