Christopher's outfit is gorgeous. You can't see the boots, but they looked perfect with it, too. The judges are stoned. Sorry for the fuzzy pics. I took shots of my own TV b/c Lifetime won't post photos until tomorrow. I am not stoned.

Dang. Tim Gunn is right about the “Project Runway” judges this season. I can’t wait to watch his vlog from Episode 4.

Not that the judges are consistent during any season, but when even (G)retchen Jones and her lackeys think Christopher Collins knocked it out of the park on the Season 8 “Hats Off To You” challenge, it’s bizarre when all three judges and guest judge/hat artist Philip Treacy really seem to hate it.

This is Michael Costello's winning outfit. It's not awful, but how did this win?

They found it dark and sad and not at all edgy. I loved it. LOVED it. It went perfectly with the hat.

And yet the judges loved Michael Costello’s outfit, which Casanova (who was safe, somehow) said was the same dress all Puerto Rican girls have in their closets.

Happy Father’s Day, I guess.

Poor Valerie Mayen ended up the bridesmaid/Susan Lucci of Season 8 once again. I thought her look was too safe this week, so my only surprise was that she made the top 3 again.

(I still think she should’ve won for that red billboard dress and I LOVED her black and white napkin party dress. But she needs to stop ending every sentence like it’s a question? With her voice rising? Little girls do that.)

I honestly though (G)retchen might’ve ended up in the top 3 again. I sort of feel like maybe she should’ve. Anyone instead of Michael Costello.

Enough from Ivy Higa, though, on thinking she should be in the top 3. She does need to get over herself. Being inspired by hospital drapes definitely shows in her outfits. Drab. Drab. Drab. Glad she’s well, though, after fainting last week. Less Diet Coke and cigarettes. More actual food and water.

Christopher Collins. Everyone loves him. I love him. It’s good to be the underdog, on and off the show. I kind of feel bad for Michael Costello because the other designers were just as confused by the verdict as I was and no really wants to be in that whispers-behind-your-back position. Not that he seems to care at this point.

This is Kristin's losing outfit. It definitely does not do justice to the hat. I would wear this hat. Although, to be fair, no hats are as cool as the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak hat that Seth Aaron and Emilio made last season in honor of Harlem. I WANT THAT HAT.

April Johnston should’ve known better. Every season there’s at least one diaper and it ALWAYS gets called out. She got lucky this week.

Kristin Haskins Simms was operating on borrowed time as it was. I hate when (G)retchen is actually right, but Kristin’s work did look sloppy and not well thought out. And she spent half the episode complaining about getting one of the most inspiring hats. Orchids rule.

Here’s my ranking for the contestants at this point in the season:

Christopher Collins, 30, San Francisco , CA
Valerie Mayen, 29, Cleveland, OH
Andy South, 23, Waipahu, HI
Gretchen Jones, 28, Portland, OR (her bossy personality drives me nuts, but occasionally she is good)
Michael Drummond, 31, St. Louis, MO
Michael Costello, 27, Palm Springs, CA
A.J. Thouvenot, 26, St. Charles, MO
Peach Carr, 50, Lake Forest, IL
Ivy Higa, 30, New York, NY
Mondo Guerra, 32, Denver, CO
April Johnston, 21, Savannah, GA
Carlos Casanova, 33, Astoria, NY


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