Tim's honesty makes my life. See below for links to his latest vlogs.

Tim Gunn: “I thought the producers were trying to get rid of me and I’ll tell you why…”

Did Gretchen sabotage Sarah's outfit?

Tim is so great.

**August 26 update** This story was written before Tim’s outburst against “bully” Gretchen Jones after the Fall Fashion team challenge! That episode just aired and you can catch that recap here: ‘Project Runway’ Tim vs. Gretchen: ‘Do you want to hire Hitler?’

Did you watch his video blog — “vlog” — last week for Episode 2?

He is The Truth about “Project Runway” Season 8.

Tim was in one of those ambulances last week — he was carted off to the hospital during the judges’ Q&A on Episode 2, right before Nicholas D’Aurizio was trashed.

Tim: “Everyone knows what I think about the judges this season.” Ha!

In this week’s Episode 3 vlog Tim talks about the party challenge and how he was “annoyed with Casanova.” (Get in line.)

(FYI, Tim only speaks “subway Spanish” so he had trouble communicating with Casanova.)


Tim also “regretted” that Episode 3’s eliminated contestant, Sarah Trost, painted her outfits’ pieces. He had no idea that she was going to do that.


Tim: “But we know who gave her that thought. It was Gretchen making her rounds — which, I’ll be blunt, annoys me. And it may be my ego. Actually I always say I don’t have an ego, I’m vain. I guess I have more of an ego than I think. But, she’s welcome to give the designers’ advice and the designers are welcome to listen to her. I mean, any of the designers can offer any of the designers advice. But there’s something about the way in which she does it that I find (pause) rather patronizing. And I hope that the designers call her on this eventually.”

Here's Gretchen with her almost-winning Episode 3 outfit.

YES! Call out Gretchen Jones. Carry on! Make it work!

Tim says the silver lining to the 90-minute format — which he wasn’t a fan of before — is it allows the show to give people some depth. No one is two-dimensional and the extended episodes allow us to see more sides to each person than just character types.

Even Gretchen.

Watch Tim’s Episode 3 vlog here. He’s going on hiatus for two weeks after this, but he’ll be back for the Emmys.

And watch all kinds of Tim Gunn videos and “Project Runway” previews on Tim’s official Facebook page.

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