Tenley cries over Michelle. Or eating pie. Or Elizabeth calling her out in front of Chris Harrison. Or a feather brushing past her face. Or something.


Someone agrees with me that Little Miss Sh*ts Rainbows overreacted last week on “Bachelor Pad” episode 1.

Blame Canada? Jessie and Craig both left "Bachelor Pad" last night.

Jessie Sulidis was dumped from “Bachelor Pad” last night on episode 2.

She did the whole conference call thing today and talked about how she’s a light sleeper and heard a bunch of noises in that bunk-bed bedroom.

So I asked her about the drama between Tenley Molzahn and Michelle Kujawa over the rumor Tenley started that Michelle hooked up overnight with Craig McKinnon. Does she believe that Craig and Michelle hooked up and what was her reaction to the ensuing feud?

To quote Jessie’s response:

“No, I don’t think that Michelle and Craig hooked up. I’m friends with Craig and he told me after ‘Definitely not.’ When we were on the show he said ‘Definitely not, that never happened.’ I believe him. I believe Michelle. Tenley might’ve heard something and I don’t think that she tried to be malicious about it but she definitely did say something. So I don’t disagree with Michelle confronting her on it, just maybe she could’ve done it in a better way. But yeah I definitely think it was a big overreaction on Tenley’s part.”

TRUE. Michelle had every right to confront Tenley, but she just went about it the wrong way. Tenley bursting into tears and running to Elizabeth Kitt? Vintage Tenley, but a definite overreaction.

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