I mourned you, man. And I mourn you once again.

You know what would be funny? If Franklin turned into the Kenny of “True Blood.” Just kill him off in some new way every week. You bastards!

Jason killed Franklin this week on “Everything is Broken” and I feel like this time he may be gone for good.

James Frain. You die so well. One more time?

Also gone for good: Anything decent about my HBO Examiner page. I’m not liking this Examiner upgrade at all. Like most upgrades, it’s a downgrade disguised with flowery words about how much better it is.

I just posted my “Everything is Broken” recap and for some reason it won’t post the photo. Maybe it’s up by now. (I tried to go back and tweak some of the text and to fix some typos, but I don’t think the changes are posted either. Alas.)

I also tried to post my top 20 favorite quotes from the episode, but that doesn’t seem to be up there at all. (*Update* It’s here now!)

PITA. Seriously.

I also tried to write something about how Iain Harrison won “Top Shot” — a show I came to like, if not understand as a non-markswoman — but my Manchester Celebrity Headlines Examiner page is no better than my HBO page. (*Update* That story is here now, too!)

Change I can’t believe in!