Melissa Rycroft proved her irrelevance this episode; she showed up for a total of maybe five unnecessary minutes.

Anyone else shocked that the Jesse Beck/Natalie Getz relationship went from third base to the bleachers within an hour? Or is it not that surprising since that hour included Gia Allemand?

How much does Jesse wish Gia was “The Bachelorette” instead of Ali Fedotowsky?

They don’t know who’s going to be the Bachelorette until they get there and I think both Jonathan and Jesse wanted it to be Gia. Probably everyone wanted it to be Gia.

I am so mad at Gia right now. She lied. She betrayed everyone. FOR WES of all people. Guess he was wrong: Love comes a little too easily.

And Gia’s mad at Nikki for making the same bad call, just for a better guy (aka Kiptyn)?

“Bachelor Pad” makes me a borderline misogynist. At least Krisily, Peyton and Gwen are worth liking and respecting. Don’t do anything to change that!

Anyway, check out my long, painfully detailed stream of consciousness recap of “Bachelor Pad” episode 2 right here.

I apologize in advance to “REALLY. Really” for not writing about “Dating in the Dark.” I thought about it, but I hate shows that try to prove they’re not shallow by reinforcing their shallowness. At least “Bachelor Pad” is open about its lack of real depth. I tried!


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