Even if one line of this is true, he is allowed to call other girls "hot" (especially me). He's engaged, not dead.

I was at the supermarket checkout and I saw this In Touch Weekly cover alleging Roberto Martinez secretly mocks Ali Fedotowsky’s looks, will never marry her and is just using her for fame, etc.


That’s why he moved his State Farm insurance agency to San Diego. Because he’s hoping to get a part on “Drop Dead Diva” as a steppingstone to an acting career. (Wait, that does sound familiar…)

This is bull. I think In Touch is just bitter because Us Weekly actually had the right intel about the “Bachelorette” finale proposal. So now they have to play Reality Steve to try and try to dig up some counter dirt.

I don’t buy it. Not that I think everything will always stay shiny and new in Ali + Roberto Land. She’s the one who seems to really want to milk this for fame, but since she got Dimples as part of the process, it’s just a bonus.


Anyway, here’s some stuff from the In Touch article, courtesy of Celebrity Chatta:

Ali and Roberto fell in love, got engaged and moved in together in record time — even by Bachelorette standards. While Ali, 25, may think she’s finally found her soul mate, In Touch has learned that she may not know Roberto as well as she thinks. “Roberto is not in this relationship for the long haul,” warns an insider who is close to the couple, adding that although Roberto “likes Ali,” it’s fame and fortune he’s really after. “He wants to make money and loves the attention.” Roberto appeared to illustrate this during a seemingly romantic dinner at an NYC restaurant on August 4, while the couple was in the city promoting the show. “When Ali went to the restroom, Roberto was looking at a couple of sexy women who were eating nearby,” the insider shares. “He was also talking about all the ‘hot girls’ who were in the room.”

Roberto’s friends are vocal and have a lot to say, describing him as a master manipulator. According to a friend of Roberto’s family, he has always been a “player” who “gets into girls’ pants.” Though Roberto went to great lengths on The Bachelorette to show Ali that he was ready to settle down, the family friend says she should be careful not to judge a book by its cover. “He looks all gorgeous and sweet, but in reality, he can be a jerk,” the friend reveals. And as hard as he may have worked to win her heart, the friend says, Ali isn’t Roberto’s type — physically or emotionally. “He always criticizes all- American girls,” the friend explains, adding that Ali seems like a “career woman” — a trait Roberto is usually turned off by. “He’s very conservative, and wants to be with a woman who’ll be there when he gets home. He told me he’d never marry a girl like her.” Even though Ali’s flaunting her ring these days, the friend says she shouldn’t take Roberto’s proposal too seriously.


Some “friend.” Even if Ali wasn’t typically Roberto’s type before the show — and there’s no reason to believe that — he seems to like her now. He didn’t have to move cross-country to be with her. And they’re not even in Hollywood. Actions speak louder than words and it’s looking like his actions are for Team Ali, not Team Former Friend Who Wants To Make A Quick Buck Off The Tabloids.


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