Can we please let Nicholas come back and take Casanova's place?

Remember that scene in “Mean Girls” when Gretchen tried to make “fetch” happen?

“Project Runway” season 8 is trying to make Gretchen happen.

Stop trying to make Gretchen happen. It’s not gonna happen.

Talk about overrated.

Actually, even more overrated than Gretchen Jones is her “hip buddy” Casanova, considering he is still on the show.

Couture? Ha! Best outfit description ever, from Michael Kors: “She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.”

Casanova pretends not to understand English, blows off the “innovation” part of the party challenge and glides through again. He is the reason reality TV shows include those little notes in the credits saying the producers were consulted in the eliminations.

Betsey Johnson joins Goddess Nina, Michael and Heidi at the judges' panel.

Poor Sarah Trost never should’ve listened to Gretchen. She is not Tim Gunn.

Having said that, I did like Gretchen’s outfit this week (more than last week’s navy jumpsuit anyway), but not as much as Valerie Mayen’s black and white napkins. So simple, classic and sexy. She should’ve won. AGAIN.

Not that I don’t love Andy South. I do. I would’ve made it Valerie then Andy or Christopher Collins (why didn’t the judges go for that?) for second with Michael Costello’s bit of red magic for third.

I agree with Tim: This was a pretty good episode talent-wise. And I hope Tim is keeping cool now after his own ambulance episode!

However, in addition to Sarah and Casanova I was not impressed (again) with Kristin Haskins Simms and A.J. Thouvenot.

A.J. seriously needs to take a breath and maybe meditate or something ’cause he is in no place to be telling Gretchen she talks all the time. Pot/kettle much?

As I predicted last week, Ivy Higa was the one they carted away in an ambulance. She passed out. And yet even after an hour and a half of a supersized party episode they couldn’t give us an answer on what happened to her, how she’s doing and whether she’ll be back or not. What gives?

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