How is Roberto supposed to learn a second dance if one of them doesn't go on DWTS?

Ali Fedotowsky wants a sunflower yellow Volkswagen ESO. But she also wants a job.

Ali tweeted about both today, starting with the job thing: “Two job interviews in SD today! Wish me luck!”

She is all moved into her place in San Diego with Roberto Martinez (who tweeted “Life just got that much better today…my girl is home”). And we know he has his State Farm insurance thing going on.

But Reality Steve said they were both asked to do “Dancing with the Stars.”

So are they doing it or not? Is Ali at least doing it? It sounds like she wasn’t even asked. What’s up? Does DWTS Season 11 really have so many big stars that they can turn down a member of their ABC family? Ali has been very enthusiastic about the idea of going on the show…


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