Dave, put down the knife.

By Gina Carbone

So Juan Barbieri got dumped for being fake with Nikki Kappke, but Michelle Kujawa got dumped for being real with Tenley Molzahn.

Not fair.

Michelle got a raw deal from little Miss Sh-ts Rainbows on the “Bachelor Pad” premiere. Having said that, all of the girls on this show are crazy.

When Michelle looks like the sane one, worry.

Elizabeth Kitt is a bunny boiler. Tenley sobs when she should be apologizing. Natalie Getz is hooking up with MY Jesse Beck.

What are you thinking of the show so far? I think I love it. But it’s exhausting. That’s a lot of cheap, trashy drama packed in two hours.

Think about all the tears, Twister, hookups and fights we just witnessed and it’s only the first episode!

Plus there was a group date where the Canadians won. Craig M., for shame. You sold out Michelle. But at least you didn’t trash everyone in the house, like Jonathan Novack, who can dish it out all right, but he can’t take it.

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