Betrayal! Let this be a lesson to anyone else who considers switching teams from brunette to blonde. Look what can happen! Elizabeth Kitt was gorgeous. Now she's blah.

By Gina Carbone

You’ll be watching “Bachelor Pad,” yes? Yes.

I hope you’ve seen this video of Tenley Molzahn crying like someone swiped her favorite Rainbow Brite doll.

How is it that Jake Pavelka rejected this shining beacon of maturity? She wouldn’t undermine him like you-know-who. They could just sob at some balconies together.

And Michelle Kujawa, if you really did lock Tenley in a bathroom — well done. Whatever reason you had for doing it — well done. There’s no point in being called Crazy Michelle if you’re not going to lock a chick in a bathroom. Love her.

Also worth watching: This clip of Jonathan “The Weatherman” Novack attempting to flirt with the ladies by giving them massages.

Don’t watch it after dark or you may never get to sleep!

You can also watch a bunch of other previews on the official “Bachelor Pad” site.

And if you are still into spoilers, you can catch up on some of the early eliminations here. This will tell you who ends up in the final four, but not the winner. The winner won’t be decided until September.

Obviously the burning question on everyone’s mind is what the eff happened to Elizabeth Kitt’s hair? She was the sexy nanny tease who drove Jake crazy on “The Bachelor” and now she has blonde hair. Nothing against blondes (besides EVERYTHING), but she looks like crap. Jesse Kovacs, is this your doing?

Speaking of Jesses, Jesse Beck is my Jesse of choice. Love him. But I’m worried because there’s another “Bachelor Pad” clip where he hooks up with “I’m super attractive” beyatch Natalie Getz.

He likes her. That makes me like him less. But he’s still hot.

Also hot, and try not to stab me to death, is Dave “Man Code” Good. I can’t help that he looks Good. I’m still Team Juan, though!

Please continue to not stab me as I also confess this: I don’t think Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn belong together. She is too much mini diva for him.


See you Monday night!


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