Abdi, I hope it comes down to you and Miles — with you beating Miles.

By Gina Carbone

OK, so I no longer love Miles Mendenhall.

I’m sick of how he spends half of each episode of Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” either taking a nap or constructing some kind of mini fort that has less to do with art than his own OCD. A “fungus study”? Maybe he should’ve just gone with the mustard gas.

Simon and Miles. Both cute. Sorry, but Miles can be cute and annoying at the same time.

Yes, he’s pretentious. Over it.

I miss Ryan Shultz’s laugh. I think he (and Mark Velasquez) should’ve been able to stick around longer than Peregrine Honig, whose outfits are more interesting than her work.

Jaclyn Santos? I give her credit. She’s a chicken salad out of chicken sh-t type and as Abdi Farah noted, that’s the mark of a true artist. It didn’t quite work this time and maybe that’s because she was denied the pleasure of photographing herself nude again. In the bathroom.

No, this week the mostly-naked profile baton was passed to my boy Abdi. I thought he should’ve won the first challenge of season 1 and even though the judges have given him crap in the past two weeks I believe the criticism was only because they actually see some talent in this kid as opposed to “characters” looking for more “look at me!” camera time on a TV show. (*cough*Miles*cough*)

So the August 11 finale is down to Abdi, his buddy Miles and … somehow … Peregrine. I’m surprised that Miles’ #1 crush, Nicole Nadeau, was let go.

At 22, Abdi is the youngest of the three (Miles is 23 and Peregrine is 32) and he also has a great positive attitude and he seems to love zesty mentor Simon de Pury as much as I do.

Peregrine finds a colorful kindred spirit.

I really like this show. I do. I think it could use about 150 percent more actual ART and a fewer long-winded explanations of why what we’re looking at has no redeeming value.

But I love that this show exists. And maybe now that it’s winding down they’ll cast the second season with more talented artists. That’s usually how it works — the first season is the intro and things come to life after season 2.

Not that we weren’t given a great example in Abdi. He definitely has a bright future and I hope it starts with $100,000, a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and the title of “The Next Great Artist.”

*Update*: Yep, Abdi won! ‘Work of Art’ finale recap: Abdi is the ‘Next Great Artist’! But Peregrine is second over Miles?