Why DID they make Roberto wear a suit? Or did he insist? It's too hot for that.

By Gina Carbone

In a media conference call today, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez talked about all kinds of stuff, including spoilers.

Well, Ali talked about spoilers. Roberto steers clear of all that stuff. He is wise.

Ali, however, said she does follow all the spoilers and was upset when the rumors that she chose no one (or chose Roberto but they split up already) started coming out mid-season and led people to stop supporting her and assume she was there for the dreaded wrong reasons.


Here is Ali’s spoilers answer from the conference call:

Do you follow the spoilers and are you ever tempted to comment on stories to direct people one way or another?

Ali: Yeah, I was very well aware of the spoilers out there. I probably shared them with Roberto, he doesn’t really read into that stuff. Yeah, you know, it was tempting just because, you know, at the beginning of this season everyone sort of realized that Roberto and I had this great connection from the beginning and they were sort of rooting for us, and that was so exciting! It’s good to have people behind you and supporting you. We don’t need it, but it’s nice. And then when the sort of rumors came out that we were together or, you know, that I was single or that maybe I ended up with him but we were split up already — it was so hard because all of a sudden people went from sort of supporting us and excited about our love story to you know ‘Oh this is awful’ and you know ‘The Bachelorette is about finding love and Ali didn’t even care, she didn’t want to find love.’ So that was so hard for me. It really, really was and there were so many times when I wanted to be like ‘You’re wrong! You’re wrong!’ But I knew I needed to wait it out and, you know, all that matters now — I mean regardless of how anyone else feels — is that we have each other and we’re so happy.


You can read more of Ali and Roberto’s answers here.

She does say “you know” a lot, but I know that I do that too whenever I’m trying to explain something. I remember Kirk said “obviously” a lot during his conference call. Sometimes I’m tempted to take that stuff out, but then I think you can’t just cherry pick what you’ll keep and remove. It’s better to sound natural than to speak in soundbites. That’s my take on it, anyway.

Chris Lambton (aka The Second Coming, even to the media folks on the conference call) was interviewed right after Ali and Roberto and you should be able to read that story here. Maybe not right as I post this, but soon.

You know, maybe ABC should’ve helped Ali instead of letting her be thrown under a bus. Us Weekly turned out to be somewhat correct, so I guess they were given the correct Roberto engagement spoiler, but most of the season we were led to believe Ali chose no one.

And I don’t just mean Reality Steve. We were given a strong Ali Picks No One edit, with all the Justin and Frank drama and Chris Harrison talking about how her “insecurities” were such a big deal, and how Ali was “satisfied” with her choice in the end, happy or not. They could’ve just told us she picked someone, even if they didn’t want to say they were engaged. That would’ve ruined the big “surprise” ending, but at least Ali wouldn’t have been attacked by the increasingly cynical and disillusioned “Bachelorette” fan base.

I’m part of that fan base, too, and I feel bad if any of the spoilers and rumors I recycled ever hurt Ali. (Not that I expect her to read a low-rent, happy-to-get-a-dozen-readers blog like this.)

As the self-declared captain of Team Roberto I’m thrilled about how things turned out, but there was a point where even I was wondering if Ali had agreed to go on the show just to get a new wardrobe. This show has gotten crazy and maybe we do take the spoilers and sleuthing too far sometimes in an effort to get the full scoop, but it’s harmless fun. Or it’s supposed to be, until it turns personal and fans go on the attack.

So maybe we can all take a deep breath and remember this is “The Bachelorette,” not “True Blood” or any kind of really important show. (Kidding. Except I’m not.)


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