They are too cute. I'm too jealous.

By Gina Carbone

Here’s the final verdict: The “amazing” count is an average of 16 times per episode, with 26 “amazings” on the season 6 finale of “The Bachelorette.”

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for that important watchdog journalism.

Jimmy devoted most of his Monday night show to talking about “The Bachelorette.” He even asked Shaq about the show.

She's wearing a tiara. I thought that was Erica Rose's turf.

Apparently Jimmy was as moved by the finale as the rest of us — he said he hasn’t cried this much watching a TV show since T.R. Knight left “Grey’s Anatomy.”

It wasn’t all sweetness and light, though. There was a spoof of Chris Lambton’s rainbow connection.

Before Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez came out, the cameras showed them in a hallway backstage, goofing around.

I heart them.

They told Jimmy they first watched the finale last week — and had to watch it 10 times in a row. She was crying, saying “Oh my God I love you so much!”

Jimmy said he and his staff were analyzing the show and discovered Roberto was the only one getting any tongue, which was an important indication that he was the one.

Roberto said Ali taught him the right way to eat popcorn. She does something with her hands so it doesn’t make noise when you chew it.

Jimmy said it sounds like she’s hen-pecking already. Roberto said no, she’s “perfect.” (Awww!)

Jimmy brought out the People magazine poll where fans voted for Ali to pick Chris over Roberto. “Are you sure you trust your heart more than” Ha!

Jimmy is still cynical. He talked about how all the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” couples come there and talk and then something inevitably goes wrong.

Ali and Roberto are planning a spring wedding. Ali says she’s been watching Bridezillas!

“Unlike the Clintons, will you invite the Obamas to the wedding?” Classic!


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