I think Ali and Roberto just replaced Meredith and Ian as my favorite "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" couple. I knew she'd end up Ali Martinez eventually! Even if she keeps her last name....

By Gina Carbone

I want to swoon and cry, but the flipping “Lion King” music is on. Why do they ALWAYS have to ruin the moment?

Roberto can't believe they met on a TV show. Am I being extremely naive or are they likely to make it? I want to believe!

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”? I get it. They flew around the Broadway stage together. What would they have done for Chris Lambton? “Rainbow Connection”? “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? “On the Wings of Love”?

Having said that, I’m dying. Dying. So happy.

So glad Reality Steve was wrong. So glad all those annoying hints that Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Harrison made were wrong. So not worried about Chris L. finding “the one.”

Ali wasn’t “the one” for Chris. He tried to force it, but it wasn’t right. He’ll find the right girl. I’m picturing a pretty little spitfire who’ll challenge him.

Of course ABC has asked him to do “The Bachelor.” This season has been more about him than Ali. But will he say yes? And will we still respect him in the morning if he does? (Remember: We used to like Jason and Jake, too.)

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Of course Frank was not at the “After the Final Rose.” He should’ve been at the “Men Tell All” and instead he let Justin take all the heat. Justin wasn’t there either but everyone was told Frank would take the hot seat this week. So now he gets off the hook.

Roberto: "I love you. I want to grow old with you. I want to have a beautiful, beautiful family together."

Best part of the finale: The first impression rose curse is over. It’s like the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. Did I say Red Sox? Meant the Blue Rays. I mean Devil Rays! I meant just the Tampa Bay Rays! 😉

Wait a minute! Ali and Roberto are moving in together in San Diego? I used to live in Rancho Bernardo and Escondido and my dad still lives down there.

And one of my brothers and my mom live in Tampa. So it’s like a rainbow sign for me to follow them around.

Don’t give me these opportunities to stalk them! I’m not strong enough to resist the urge!

Roberto even talked about his State Farm move to California. So it’s all in the open now.

He wants to get married in the spring probably because he sweats too much in the summer. I know that’s not a terribly romantic thing to say, but it’s true. Hey, I’m pretty much the same way about summer weddings.

They are taking a helicopter to Catalina! I’ve been there. Love Roberto’s reaction: “More helicopters.”


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