This is kind of a weird Mount Rushmore photo mix. Check out my favorite Roberto/Chris/Ali pics below.

By Gina Carbone

If only we had Paul the psychic octopus around, we could settle this thing now.

Just give him three boxes: Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez and Neither. Let Paul slide himself into one box and force everyone to accept his infallible verdict.

Instead, we must wait.

Even though we were given an early spoiler from Reality Steve I still feel like I know LESS about this “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” season finale than any other. Blame counter-spoilers and my own obsessive sleuthing.

Interesting note: I went to Ali’s Twitter account and just kept scrolling down. It’s funny to see how just a year ago she was writing things like this: “My last week at PCG!!! Start job at Facebook next Monday!!!! YAY!” Monday, June 29, 2009 4:43:50 PM

At this point I have no new news. So I’m going to post some of my favorite Chris and Roberto photos from the season, with a bit of commentary.

I remain Team Dimples to the end, but I will try not to hate on Ali if she chooses Chris … or no one. Although, seriously, if she decides to not even date one of these guys for a while I’m going to feel like she wasted my time.

The story of Chris started later than the story of Roberto, but it started with a nice big "awww!" when sick Ali took Chris up to a New York rooftop for a Joshua Radin concert. That effing light is ruining the moment.

Ali and Chris have a lot of nice couples moments. I'm not including the Dennis bracelet delivery, but I like things like this, where they walk with their arms around each other. It's an almost real moment on a not-so real show.

This is like one of those college dorm hang-out-on-the-grass-then-play-Frisbee moments. Or flip cup, considering it's these two. This is just a nice angle for a shot, even if it's kind of stalkerish for anyone to watch two people dating. (I know that's the premise of the show, but still...)

My favorite Ali + Chris moments are the homey couples moments like this and the next pic. Just two people who've known each other forever and are "comfortable" with each other, hanging out with a dog on a beach.

This is a sweet Grandma and Grandpa kiss on the porch moment. They'll be feeding squirrels from a park bench next. Don't shoot me, Team Rainbow fans, but I don't see romance here or in the most passionate kissy photos. Just a deep friendship.

There he is! That's how to make an impression right out of the limo. He gets my rose, too.

Here's Roberto getting his first impression rose after his first of many salsa lessons.

She adores him. Always has, it's obvious. But does he feel the same way? I wasn't sure at first, but I think Roberto is the real slow, steady burn.

Here's Roberto really seeming to be into the moment, as opposed to staring around the room while Ali gazes adoringly at him. There was a lot of that this season, I'll admit. But I do think it's partly from shyness and the understandable awkwardness of someone staring at you ALL THE TIME.

I really, really like this photo of Roberto and Ali on the cable car in Lisbon. Kirk should put this in his scrapbook.

More staring from Ali, but at least Roberto is looking back. As long as she feels like he returns her feelings, this is the perfect pairing. But it seems like Ali is terrified of being the one in a couple who loves the other more. With Chris I think even if he doesn't really LOVE love her, he at least feels more strongly about her than she does about him. With Roberto her feelings are too strong and she's worried she'd be the — why am I analyzing this so much? Dang I need a life.


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