I don't even know what this cheesy pic is supposed to be about, but it's the most cloak-and-dagger thing I could find in The Bachelor/ette world.

Well, this is odd.

I watched “The Bachelor: Then and Now” on Wednesday and there was Reality Steve, saying nothing controversial at all. Nothing too interesting either. He was Mr. Exposition, giving us background on who was “the stalker” or “the crier,” etc., from the past 14 seasons of “The Bachelor.” Just the resident “expert” documentaries feature all the time.

I was surprised that they invited him onto the show only to leave him in such a generic role. No discussion of spoilers or producer manipulation. None of the stuff that makes Steve the spoiler king.

I wondered if it was because E! is connected to Disney/ABC through Comcast and they decided to play it safe while appearing to not play it safe by inviting an “outsider” like Steve to do an equally bland version of “The Stories Behind the Rose,” just on E! instead of ABC.  Now I’m wondering if there was pressure after the fact from ABC producers (*cough*MikeFleiss*cough*) angry that Steve was given such a shot of credibility — sandwiched in edits between Fleiss and Chris Harrison.

It actually makes more sense that he was removed, considering Steve wrote that ABC supposedly hired a private investigator to ferret out his sources.

It’s funny because Steve has been playing up how often the show will repeat — if you missed it on Wednesday watch it seven or eight more times this week. He’s been their PR machine.

And now it appears he’s been replaced.


According to one of the Fans of Reality TV posters on the Reality Steve spoilers page:

“One thing raises my curiosity about Reality Steve and his relationship with the Bachelor management.
On Wednesday, I saw a couple minutes of The Bachelor: Then and Now on E! I recall Fleiss, Harrison and Reality Steve as being on the small part I saw. I recorded the second half and set my recorder to get the first half. The first 2 scheduled repeats did not air. This afternoon, E! aired it again but no Reality Steve. Instead, I saw a black woman, Delaina Dixon aka TV DivaGal.
Now, I don’t know whether E! wanted more diversity or someone more telegenic than Reality Steve. However, it is possible that TPTB at ABC or The Bachelor wanted Reality Steve off the program. Curiouser and curiouser.”

Delaina Dixon is a regular on the ABC “Bachelorette” conference calls they do almost every week with departed bachelors. (There’s another one with Ali, Chris and Roberto on Tuesday.) Not sure why they would add her to replace Steve, though. If they hate him so much, why did they ask him to do the show to begin with? He wrote that they came to Dallas and spent three hours interviewing him. Why bother? Unless they were just using him for PR? Weird.


Steve is tweeting about it. He does not seem happy, but he does seem to see it as affirmation of his power:

  1. Really? Removing all my clips from the E! special & replacing them w some1 else? Now that’s funny. Guess I’ll just keep ruining their show about 3 hours ago via web
  2. I’ve said numerous times I didn’t think ABC cared what I wrote or said. Boy was I wrong. Apparently they have a hard on for me. about 3 hours ago via web
  3. @weez2610 That’s the only explanation.They don’t want my name associated w/ their franchise. Esp since the girl just reworded what I said about 3 hours ago via web in reply to weez2610
  4. @TrowbyB I was on when it aired the 1st time Wed night. Every repeat will be w me replaced w someone they got 2 basically reword what I said about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to TrowbyB
  5. @kwisnie not sure how or why, but they did. They don’t want me associated w their franchise cuz what I say is right and they know it. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to kwisnie
  6. @JRadloff nope. Not kidding. Watch the replays. One is on right now. Every clip of me is replaced by some1 saying what I said just reworded about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to JRadloff


No matter what, it’s odd. Looks to me like there’s another broadcast Sunday around 5 p.m. so I might try to catch part of it just to see if there’s any obvious reason why this would be happening. Maybe they just wanted a woman’s perspective? They did have the E! news guy, Fleiss, Chris H. and Steve, so I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted a woman’s view on a show as female-driven as “The Bachelor,” but why come to that decision after the initial airing? And why have her just repeat Steve’s words? Again, weird.


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P.S. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m not related to Reality Steve. Carbone is just a fairly common Italian name. Maybe the real translation of “Carbone” is “People Who Are Too Obsessed With The Bachelor”! 🙂