When is Roberto going to learn a second dance? Maybe the tango or lambada?

By Gina Carbone

Granted, these are just clips, but Roberto seems to be winning the Ali war. She leans into him and is just more affectionate with him in general.

Ali’s mother tells Roberto he has to teach her how to salsa dance, which means she has been prepped. During Chris’ clip with the parents, he talks again about Massachusetts and his mother. So we’re back to salsa vs. mom.

Tell them about your flip cup competition.

In two other TV.com clips, Roberto and Chris ask for Ali’s dad’s blessing to propose. Roberto’s request is much more romantic and charming. He talks about being so nervous when he got out of the limo on that first night. He kept his head down and when he looked up and made eye contact with Ali, something just happened.

It goes back to “that feeling” that both Ali and Roberto talk about.

Ali’s dad asks Chris if he can honestly say he’s in love with Ali, as if the idea is inconceivable (thanks Dad!). Chris’ answer is not the “absolutely…” sort of Hallmark card he normally gives. It’s more cautious. He calls her “amazing” and says when he sees her he starts smiling.

A note on the guys’ characters. Both are great, can we agree?

I feel like a lot of people are calling Roberto a “charmer” and too young and immature for a long-term relationship. He’s 26. Ali is 25. He’s an insurance agent and whether he was indeed the youngest State Farm agent in the U.S. or not, he is clearly serious about his job and responsible enough to transfer his business to California — for whatever reason.

If he were just moving for “The Bachelor” or some other chick he met out there, he wouldn’t need to transfer his business. He could just show up and say “cast me for modeling jobs” or whatnot. But he’s serious and ambitious within his new field. (Now that baseball is no longer an option.)

Chris, on the other hand, is 33 — 8 years older than Ali. (In the family meeting someone gasps at that — maybe the sister.) And yet he told Ali he just recently competed in a flip cup tournament in Vegas. He’s a fun-loving guy and it’s possible that HE’S the charmer who is not ready to settle down quite yet.

Ali "loved" seeing Roberto with her family, because he fit right in and was less shy than she's ever seen him. He can't be THAT shy if he's an insurance salesman, right?

It looks like, in the videos, Dad seems to be on Team Roberto, and sister and brother and Mom seem to make a case for the slow-burn of Team Chris.

Although, is Chris really moving slowly? His relationship with Ali has developed slowly over the course of the show, but Chris has been laying it on thick with the “God I love you” stuff. He seems to be moving faster than Ali … except when she’s drunk and slobbers on him on a boat.

So if Mom is on Team Chris (and why would she be asking about a photo of him, if not) will that persuade Ali to pick him? Ali does seem much closer to her mom than her dad.

Then again, I can see all moms being charmed by Chris, especially when he talks about his family and how his mom was a nurse — like Ali’s mom — and that he was a teacher — like Ali’s sister and dad. But it’s ultimately Ali’s decision and I can’t see her ignoring the connection she’s had with Roberto from the very first night.

I wonder if these clips are being edited to promote Roberto. Ali talks about how Roberto makes her feel “cute” and “like a woman” (eye roll) and their connection keeps growing and growing, whereas Chris is the guy who makes her laugh so hard and she’s “comfortable” with him.

We’re at the point where I could see this going in any direction EXCEPT Ali picking no one. So if that does happen, as Reality Steve has said, something major must happen.

Earlier in the season I thought we were being set up for a no-pick ending, but not now. Not with Ali seeming to be completely over the Frank drama. I thought it would hit her harder, but everything she’s said on and off the show leads me to believe she doesn’t give a rat’s arse about him anymore.

I think she dumps Chris before the final rose ceremony (just as the preview makes it look like she does, although the rest of the video is baloney) and gets engaged to Roberto. That’s what I want to happen, anyway. And a pre-FRC dumping would be something that’s never been done before and could arguably be construed as breaking “the rules.”


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