Maybe he's just going to call her to discuss charity-related things. Or business proposals. Right? Right? RIGHT?

By Gina Carbone

Someone put a leash on Ali. Doesn’t she know that going to charity events to meet guys has been done … by Vienna? Within the last few months?

I don’t like this Star magazine story. It doesn’t mean anything, but it does show Ali posing with Arizona Cardinals hottie Matt Leinart and we know Ali loves her jocks. Still, I choose to believe this is an innocent meeting. He’s been tainted by too many skanks.


To quote Star:

If Ali Fedotowsky found her future hubby on The Bachelorette, then why did she give her phone number to hunky playboy pro quarterback Matt Leinart?

In the Aug. 9 issue of Star — on sale now — we report that, when Ali and Matt met on July 15 at a charity event, sparks flew — especially after they had time to talk by themselves. By the end of the night, the jock scored Ali’s digits.

“Matt finally asked for Ali’s phone number and she happily gave it to him,” an eyewitness tells Star. “He promised that he’d call her; she must be over the moon about catching the eye of such a hot guy!”

It’s long been the buzz that Ali chooses insurance salesman Roberto Martinez on next week’s series finale of the ABC reality show. However, it’s also rumored that the couple don’t make a go of their love match.


She’s caught the eye of plenty of hot guys. And if she did pick Roberto and they did break up, is he just moving to California for the fun and sun? More hot chicks to flirt with? I need a resolution to that State Farm move.


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