I shall remain Team Dimples to the end.

By Gina Carbone

OK, so now we’re back to Reality Steve vs. Us Weekly.

According to Us, via Hollywood Life, Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez proposed to season 6 “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky on the morning of May 8 at Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa. She supposedly said yes.

But then the story says Ali and her Chosen One hugged and kissed as the sun set. How freaking long was the proposal that it took from morning until sunset?

I’ll post the story below, but if this is true there’s nothing “shocking” or “surprising” about the ending. The official ABC press release and Chris Harrison are insisting big surprises are around every corner for the finale. At this point I trust Chris H. about as much as Us Weekly, which is as far as I can throw him.

Could it be that the big surprise is just that Ali lets Chris L. go before the final rose ceremony? That doesn’t quite jive with this statement from Chris H.:

Rumor has it this finale differs for from every previous season. Is that true?
Chris Harrison: It is. It’s true from the last chance dates. And from those on into “proposal day,” at the end. Everything is different than what our fans have seen in years past.

That suggests even the proposal will be unusual. Will Ali propose to Roberto? Why not? She practically eats him with her eyes. Or will she (no no no no no) propose to Chris L.? Is that why Ali’s mom wants this photo of Chris? Who knows.


Anyway, here’s the story:

Though we have yet to learn the name of Ali Fedotowsky’s fiance, Us Weekly reports she definitely got engaged on The Bachelorette to either Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez! On the morning of May 8 at Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, one of the two men got down on one knee and proposed to Ali with a Neil Lane engagement ring. (Two sources confirm that Roberto has filed to get a license in Ali’s home state of California.)

Ali accepted the ring without hesitation. “They hugged and kissed [for 30 seconds] as the sun set,” confirms a source. “They looked so happy!”

After the ceremony, the couple was escorted separately to Ali’s $1,000 per night suite. Ali arrived first, and her man was brought up 15 minutes later. They remained in the suite for the whole night, while the production crew and the runner up celebrated the end of the filming at a wrap party held at Iraitai.

Now, Ali has to plan for the big day. For her dress, Ali may be considering a gown made by one of her two favorite designers: Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier, says a source. “I think she’d want strapless because she likes to show off her arms and her shoulder,” adds the source. “I see Ali in something classic. She doesn’t have wild tastes.”

And for music, Ali “loves ’80s music,” says the source. “I could see her hiring a DJ or an ’80s cover band. The biggest thing she’d want is just a fun party where all her friends can dance and have a great time.”

Ali might also be blessed by a special wedding song. Crazy Kasey Kahl says that he would like to sing to her at the ceremony. Unfortunately, Ali put his idea to rest: “Kasey can come, but I don’t if I would let him sing.” Good idea Ali!


I think that’s baloney. I know. I’ll believe that she makes her real final choice during the “After the Final Rose” but I won’t believe this? I think I’m just questioning it because it’s from Us Weekly and I’m tired of their “sources.”


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