For the record, I like Ali. She's taken a lot of heat for her drinking, her laughing, her bad hair, her insecurities. But I do like her. She's no Meredith (still love ya, Meredi!) but she's also no Diva DeAnna or Ditzy Jillian.

By Gina Carbone

How do we feel about Chris Harrison?

I used to love him. Platonically, of course. He was “beloved Chris.” But now he is tainted. I look at him and see producer Mike Fleiss and his team of sleazy editors with their filthy talons molding a quest for love into “the process.” And it makes me sad.

Having said that, I am still interested in what Chris H. has to say. Today I found him speaking to E! about the “surprise” ending that has me very nervous.

(Did you see the finale preview where it looks like Ali is rejected by both Chris L. and Roberto? Bull!)


Here is a portion of Chris’ interview with E!:

Rumor has it this finale differs for from every previous season. Is that true?
Chris Harrison: It is. It’s true from the last chance dates. And from those on into “proposal day,” at the end. Everything is different than what our fans have seen in years past.

Do you think people are going to be surprised by the ending? And is it a good ending?
C.H.: People will be surprised. Whether it’s good or not, Ali’s happy with it and she’s sticking by it. It’ll be interesting. I really just want to sit back and watch the fan reactions, what the comments are and how they feel it all played out.

Do you believe Ali is still happy with the decision she made?
C.H.: I do. The past two weekends in a row I’ve gotten to see her. And I actually finally got to sit down and talk to her for the first time alone since we were in Bora Bora [shooting the finale]. And she’s good, she’s really happy. She looked like the old Ali. I think so much [of this process] got to her. We joke that she’s an overanalyzer. She contemplates everything, and overthinks things and sometimes is afraid to just let things happen. So she looked healthier, she looked happy. She had a smile on her face and a bounce in her step again. The season took a lot out of her. It was a rough road, but she’s good. She’s very happy and content with what she did.


From even before the season started, both Chris and Ali have been describing the ending with limp adjectives  like “satisfied” and “content” and “happy,” but only “happy” in the context of the decisions she made, not happy because she’s in love and engaged.

(Usually they tell us by now if they are in love and engaged. Does anyone remember how Brad Womack worded the ending at this point?)

So are we back to Ali picking no one and deciding it was the right call? Chris says she’s like “the old Ali” now that it’s over, so maybe this was all a negative experience for her? (Except for the parts where she gets a free wardrobe, is paid to shop and may do “Dancing with the Stars.”)

I’m still holding out hope for a “Fleissing,” whether it be from Ali choosing a guy at the After the Final Rose or just a straight-up proposal from Roberto Martinez.

It does sort of look like Ali dumps Chris Lambton before the final rose ceremony but does that mean there is no final rose ceremony? Does Ali need time to think things over? Is that why she’s waiting until the ATFR, if that’s really happening at all? Have I spent wayyyyyy too much time analyzing this when I know full well I’m probably wrong? (Yep.)


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