No wonder we haven't seen Roberto or Chris with Ali in the final rose ceremony previews.

By Gina Carbone

Now we’re talking.

I tell you. Spend two minutes on the FORT spoiler threads and you’ll either go blind or crazy with wild ideas.

I’ve decided to go crazy.

My latest inclination — of many — is that creepy producer Mike Fleiss asked our Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky to leave Bora Bora a single woman, choosing no one in the final rose ceremony, or just not having an official FRC.

This would mean Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct, but only to a point. Like a six-digit phone number.

Then the idea is that Ali names her choice at the “After the Final Rose” special, which Steve admits he doesn’t have any intel on at this point. (He just says Frank is being a diva and doesn’t want to do it.)

The final two, Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton, already know her choice and Ali and her F1 have been in contact at the safe house or wherever. They may even have filmed some secret scenes — the alternate ending — in Bora Bora.

At any rate, it would be one way to save some kind of “surprise” for the viewers. So Steve can crow about her “single” status and claim he was right while actually being “Fleissed” about the actual outcome.

Again, just a theory. I know Steve turns his nose up at rumors and speculation, but I say keep ’em coming! Especially when they support the idea of Ali being engaged to Roberto and living with him somewhere around Irvine, California where he’ll work for State Farm and she’ll do the short commute to L.A. for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Who doesn’t want that kind of fairy tale ending?


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