Justin has a girl back home? That's appalling!

Wait, didn’t Justin “Rated-R” Rego say he wanted to ditch this entertainment world and become a police officer in Canada? Maybe he can join ABC and creepy producer Mike Fleiss’ “Bachelorette” force — tracking down the source(s) of Reality Steve’s spoilers.

In Steve’s latest missive — which is one-third devoted to himself finding a date, and I suggest you skip that part at all costs — he says ABC has reportedly hired a private investigator to interview past contestant to find the source of the spoiler leaks.

To quote Steve:

A cheerful backdrop cannot save Mike Fleiss.

“They are none too happy about leaks getting out. So for those who think I’m on ABC’s payroll, or I work for Fleiss, or Fleiss purposely gives me spoilers – think again. They wouldn’t be going to these extremes right now if that were the case.

They are grilling past contestants AND employees of the show trying to find out where I get my info. Just because I talk to a few former contestants doesn’t mean they give me information. Everyone knows I’m friends with Jeremy. I don’t hide that. What the hell would he know about what happened on “Bachelor Pad”? Plus, I’ve been spoiling for a year and a half. Why all the sudden start interviewing people now? What set them off? I don’t get it. Oh well. Not my concern. …”


Steve also references the ending of Ali Fedotowsky’s troubled season of “The Bachelorette” and his own lack of details on the “After the Final Rose” special:

“Considering what I mentioned earlier about them hiring a private investigator, I will give them credit for one thing. They are definitely clamping down on the ending of the show. Took me a month to get the info I did, and now the “ATFR” taping is giant secret. However, I will tell you this: At some point before next Monday, I will have the resolution to whatever happened at the “After the Final Rose” taping. Am I gonna have them five seconds after taping ends or ended? No. I won’t. But as long as I have them, I’ll be fine. They are definitely keeping a tighter lid on things as we get closer to the end, but no worries. If by some odd reason I don’t get anything that came from the taping, then I guess we’ll all see next Monday night what my sources told me back in June, and that’s that Ali is single. Plenty of rumors swirling and circulating out there, most of which a lot of you have emailed me on. As I’ve said from the get go, I’m not worried. Most of what you’re hearing is nonsense. Anybody can write anything and people will believe it. I don’t deal in rumors and speculation. If I did, I’d be typing something every day saying, “Well, here’s what someone’s friend of a friend’s step brother’s uncle told me is the latest”. I don’t do that.”


Just to back up a little, Steve also talks about Frank and how he isn’t even sure the ATFR taped last weekend as it was supposed to:

“Lets make something clear right off the bat. Despite what Chris Harrison said twice during the show last night, and despite what he wrote in his blog today, Frank is not and will not be a part of the “After the Final Rose” show. The reason I say it that way is because, well, I don’t even know if it taped this past weekend. It was supposed to, but if it did, I haven’t heard any info as of now. However I have been told that Frank basically wants no part of this show anymore and isn’t thrilled with how everything was shown. Pretty much like I expected based on everything I had heard. I don’t blame the guy. What good would it be for him to appear on the show at this point? He’s with Nicole. Does Ali want need to hear that again? The only reason Chris is continuing to promote it is because they want you to think Frank will be there. Not happening. If it happened this weekend, he definitely wasn’t part of it since people were emailing me all weekend saying they saw him in Chicago. And if they’re still looking to tape it later this week, it sounds like the guy has checked out and wants nothing to do with them. If Frank didn’t show up this past weekend, he certainly won’t be showing up this week either. …

Frank has nothing to accomplish by ever appearing on this show again. I mean, why? Ali’s moved on, he’s moved on, and hell, even the guys from the show have moved on about it. ABC wanted to bring Frank back for ratings, for Ali to ask him all these deep, hard hitting questions, and the guy wanted no part of it. For what? So people could continue to crucify him. It makes all the sense in the world for ABC to want to bring him back for the “ATFR” show (ratings), and, it makes all the sense in the world for Frank not to want to be a part of it. When Chris said that a week ago during the taping that Frank “would be back here next week”, he didn’t know Frank would cancel on them. That’s why I’m surprised editing left that in there. They could’ve easily taken that out. But why Chris continued to run with it in his blog today just shows that ABC’s hype machine is in full force. Sure, it’d make good television to see Ali and Frank on stage together for the first time since Tahiti, so of course they’re gonna play it up. Too bad they’re never gonna get it.”


But what about the almighty ABC contract? Frank can’t just come and go as he pleases — letting the producers fly him to Chicago after the final three rose ceremony to check on his girlfriend, then fly him to Tahiti, and then say “Nah, I’m done.” He’s already turned this show into his own “Bachelor” soap opera. I tell you, I would be Team Justin before Team Frank, and I am nowhere near Team Justin. It’s still possible that Frank will be part of the ATFR.

I’m still wondering why Craig “The Hair” McKinnon wasn’t at the “Men Tell All.” Did you see that there’s a deleted scene where Chris Harrison actually talks to Shooter? Why couldn’t they have cut at least two minutes of Justin bashing to fit that in? Why did they waste Derrick/Shooter’s time? And remember Jason, the guy who did some kind of backflip off the limo? He was there, too, although you’d never know it from the Justin/Craig R./Kasey show.

Kirk probably was drunk, as Steve says. Maybe he can send drunken voice-mails to Jessie Sulidis.

I’m still holding out hope that Steve has been “Fleissed” on the ending. Mike Fleiss is a nasty misogynist, and the repeat of “The Stories Behind the Rose” just cemented that belief, but Steve isn’t that much better. Power makes people arrogant.


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