Obviously this is just a hot photo to have, but why does Ali's mom want it?

And why am I just seeing this now?

Did you see this? Under an InTouch magazine photo of Chris Lambton on this “Fan photos of Ali Fedotowsky” page, it looks like Ali’s mom, Elizabeth, wants to get a copy of a pic of Chris:

  • Elizabeth Fedotowsky What magazine is this pic in?

    July 17 at 2:28pm · ·
  • Elisabeth Barker Its in In Touch. I have a copy of it if you’d like it. Ill send it out on Monday Beth.

    July 17 at 2:44pm · ·
  • Elizabeth Fedotowsky That would be great Betsy if you don’t mind!!!

    July 17 at 7:12pm · ·


Here's a pic of Ali's mom from the hometown visit on "The Bachelor." Looks like the same lady in the Facebook pic, just without glasses. (She kind of looks like Roberto's mom, no? Just a bit?)

I know Ali’s mom’s name is sometimes listed as Beth Johnson and I thought she lived in Williamstown, Mass. But is she still going by Elizabeth Fedotowsky online? This woman is listed as living in Albany, New York. Is it someone else? Ali DID introduce her mother to Jake as “Elizabeth” and it looks like the same woman from “The Bachelor” hometown visits, so I’m going with this as her mother. Final answer.

*Update* I just bought the People magazine with the “Why I Broke the Rules” cover. In the story, Ali confesses she was having trouble keeping the secret ending a secret. “It was seriously killing me inside!” Ali tells People. “I was bursting at the seams. I had to call someone I love.” And so, the story says, Ali’s mom, Beth Fedotowsky, finally learned whether or not someone had captured her little girl’s heart. So Ali’s mom knows the truth and Ali’s mom wants a pic of Chris…

As the self-declared captain of Team Roberto I am heartbroken by the idea that Ali does choose Chris. Chris seems like a great guy — don’t attack me! — but he doesn’t seem to have that spark with Ali.

But it would make sense if this whole charade with spoilers out there that she picks no one, then that she picks Roberto, would all be wrong when she picks Chris. Then maybe Roberto would be the next Bachelor. That would be OK. But it breaks my effing heart. I’m invested in Ali + Roberto. No idea why. I’m sad that way.

Having said that, I only learned about this nifty little family drama from this compilation of the season’s spoilers, rumors and hints.

It’s actually pretty handy. Sadly, I had nothing to do with it. That same site also has this Chris hint:

“Another hint that it’s Chris?  SuzieQ spotted the fact that Ali’s left wrist is blurred out in the preview footage of the Final Rose Ceremony.  Could she be wearing the bracelet Chris gave her? And why would she wear it if he isn’t the one she picks?”

GODAMMIT! Let this be false, please!


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