Not to put too fine a point on it, but the little red "A" on this Google Map points to Irvine, which definitely qualifies as outside Los Angeles. ... Team Roberto!

By Gina Carbone

I’m going to copy a portion of this Entertainment Tonight interview, but I do recommend watching the video to hear it from Ali Fedotowsky — because she says a lot more than what is listed below.

The more interesting stuff is in the video, frankly. She’s also good about keeping her voice pretty neutral when talking about both Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez. (I was looking for “signs.”)

Two interesting parts to me:

1. She will NOT be living in L.A. She said even if she does get another job involving TV (like “Dancing with the Stars”?) she would commute from outside L.A. Does that have anything to do with Roberto’s State Farm transfer to Irvine, California??? She says right now she’s not sure where she will be living.

2. She wants to start her own swimsuit line. Ali said before the show, and during the show to Roberto’s dad, that she wants to start her own business. So this is not a surprise. Plus, she’s been on magazine covers showing off her swimsuit body.

By the way, Bachelor/Bachelorette stylist Cary Fetman (whom Ali mentions in the video) talked to me for a fun fashion story and you can read it here. Justin digs his own grave, bless him.


Anyway, here’s the ET story:

ET was behind the scenes of the “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” where Ali Fedotowsky revealed to us just how she feels about her two remaining bachelors: Chris L. and Roberto.

“I think with Chris he is funny,” she tells ET. “He is a little quirky. He makes these comments that are sick and silly. He is such a family guy. [With Roberto], I think people could judge him because he’s a super good-looking guy and an athlete. I sort of did when I first met him. Like, ‘This guy is going to break my heart.’ He turns out to be this genuine guy who would always be respectful of others. He wanted to tell me about his past but he never wanted to say too much because he wanted to be respectful of people he knew in the past. …Two great guys.”

So does Chris have an advantage over Roberto because Ali has previously admitted to liking quirky guys? She won’t say. What she does say is, “I always like guys that are interesting that maybe not every woman in America would be attracted to, but I would like because he is different.”

On tonight’s “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All,” Ali has to face the men she rejected one final time. Among them is Ty, who may have been eliminated because he talked to her about being raised in a traditional home, and Ali needs a guy who will support her in her career.

“I actually did think that about Ty in the beginning,” Ali says. “As I learned more about him, I realized that not may not actually have been what he was saying,. …That worried me a little about him. If at any point, I felt a guy wouldn’t support me and my ambitions, of course, that definitely would weigh.”

The rumors are out there that Ali doesn’t pick either Chris or Roberto, which we will find out on Aug. 2 when “The Bachelorette” presents the final rose. So while she is keeping mum on her decision, she does say that the next thing she will be doing is looking for work.

“I am unemployed and I don’t have a lot of savings,” she says. “People think, ‘She got paid all this money to be “The Bachelorette.”‘ That is not true, so I think I need to start looking at what is next for me. I have been wanting to start a swimsuit line for a while now. I have been working on it a little bit in my down time.”

What Ali won’t be doing is living in L.A. She says even if she were offered more work in TV, she would live outside of L.A. and commute in.

“The hustle and bustle of everything and the paparazzi, it is a lot,” she says. “I don’t think it is the right place for me. We will have to see where I will end up.”

“The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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