Of course she's wearing yellow at the end. This color is her one true love.

By Gina Carbone

It’s fun to watch Billy Bush try to get the truth out of Ali Fedotowsky. I think he just wanted to roll the rrrrs in Roberto and call her “Ali Martinez.”

See. When Ali kisses Roberto she tends to wrap her arms around him.

I actually like this Access Hollywood interview. There’s the skype thing (video is at the top right) with Billy and Ali, where Ali says Frank Neuschaefer‘s meeting with Nicole Caruso came off as a talk between a couple that never actually broke up. (TRUE!)

She also says Frank would’ve been in her top two (I knew it! Frank and Dimples!)  Then there’s the longer story where she says of her final choice “I can tell you that I am in the best place. I’m so happy so you’ll have to see why that is.”

Why would she be “so happy” if she picked no one and is single?

Also in the interview, Kirk DeWindt disses Chris Lambton (isn’t that like Rhoda dissing Mary?) as a good choice for the next Bachelor.


To quote the story:

Kissing Chris? No arms around the neck.

“And then there was Kirk, whose heart is still singing after being booted from the show following the hometown dates. He hinted to Access Hollywood that he may know something that the audience doesn’t – that one of Ali’s final two men may not be the one handing out roses next season.

‘I feel like Chris probably has too many awkward kisses to be the next ‘Bachelor,’ Kirk laughed. ‘I’m saying that it was a little awkward for me to watch. I feel like a whole season of that would be terrifying.'”


Which is just fuel for the fire that Kirk is going to be named the next Bachelor. He’s getting the pre-Bachelor treatment this Monday on “The Men Tell All,” which is exactly what Ali got to do on Jake’s season of “The Bachelor” during “The Women Tell All.”

Are we OK with Kirk as The Bachelor? I don’t know if it’s a done deal or not, but if it’s true I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very disappointed.


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