Memba this? Rozlyn vs. Chris at the "Women Tell All," which turned into a blatant ad for Ali to be named the next Bachelorette. Will Kirk get his Bachelor ad during Monday's "Men Tell All"? Or are they still hoping it will be Chris L.?

By Gina Carbone

The only good thing about last March’s “Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose” was that it let us know Reid Rosenthal is officially off the market.

Wait. Did I say “good thing”? I meant “good thing if you’ve invested in razor blades ’cause now there’s no reason to live.” The rest of the show was an ABC love letter to itself.

(Missed it the first time? Apparently they are running a new version of it at 10 p.m. Monday, after “The Men Tell All.”)

For whatever reason two “Stories Behind the Rose” specials are not enough, so now E! is joining the mix with the E! Entertainment Special “The Bachelor: Then & Now,” which premieres Wednesday, July 28 at 10 p.m. on E!

Not only is creepy producer Mike Fleiss quoted, along with Rozlyn Papa, Matt Grant, Jillian Harris and Andy Baldwin — and whoever else — Reality Steve wrote that he was interviewed for it as well.


To quote Steve’s latest post:

Next Wednesday night on the E! channel at 10pm EST is a 1-hour special called “The Bachelor: Then and Now”. It’s going to go through all 14 seasons of the “Bachelor” covering memorable people from each season. Well, they sent a TV crew to Dallas last month and filmed me for about three hours as we went through everyone, so I would think I should get some good run in that thing. They told me the people that will be shown are the people from each season they chose to focus on, then the only outsiders were Mike Fleiss, Chris Harrison, and myself giving commentary. I’m sure I had some memorable things to say about past characters. But at this point, honestly, I couldn’t remember one thing I said. So set your DVR’s: Wednesday night, July 28th, 10pm EST, the E! channel’s “The Bachelor: Then and Now”. And lets hope they used me for more than ten seconds.



By the way, what do you make of Kirk getting the pre-Bachelor treatment in the upcoming “Men Tell All”? In this ABC press release it sounds like Kirk gets to sit in “the hot seat” to talk about his heartbreak and how he’s now ready for love.

Isn’t that what Ali got to do in the “Women Tell All”? The WTA turned into a shameless ad for Ali to be named “The Bachelorette,” which is exactly what was announced at “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.”

Is Kirk going to be the next Bachelor? Over Chris Lambton?! Did Chris see sense and say no? Or are they just waiting to announce something during “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose”? Or will they wait until later, like October, and announce it on “Dancing with the Stars,” like they did for Jake?

What is going ON?

Anyway, there’s a reader poll here for who should be the next bachelor. Among the options are Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez, Kirk DeWindt, Ty Brown (blech), Craig Robinson or Someone Shiny and New.

Way back when, I wanted Roberto for “The Bachelor” because he’s not a lily white frat boy straight off the ABC conveyor belt. Like Chris. But now I’m wondering if an Average Guy like Craig R. wouldn’t be better. I don’t want to see him making out with chicks in hot tubs, but I don’t want to see anyone do that. Maybe a not-so-hot guy would liberate the producers to eliminate that part of the manipulated showmance.

Doubt it. But it’s worth a shot. “The Bachelorette” is always better than “The Bachelor” anyway — 25 guys are better than 1. Except maybe Reid.


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