Maybe Chris went to the mall to buy more beer for the porch.

This one’s for all you Chris Lambton stalkers fans who like to track his every move. (Like the woman and her daughter in this story. Don’t be them.)


Looks like Cape Cop Mall tweeted a Chris L. sighting on July 20:

just saw Chris Lambton from Bachelorette here at the mall!!! #Bachelorette


In the Boston Globe today, this little blurb appeared about Chris:

Chris Lambton, a.k.a. Chris L. on “The Bachelorette,’’ was spotted at the Cape Cod Mall yesterday. That’s not shocking, of course, because he’s from Dennis. For those who aren’t watching, Lambton is a landscaper who’s done a good job wooing “Bachelorette’’ Ali Fedotowsky. Fans are already buzzing online about whether he’ll be the next “Bachelor’’ if he’s not Ali’s first pick. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a local in the hot seat. Fedotowsky, of course, is from Williamstown.


The Boston Herald also got involved, with this blurb about the “hunk”:

Yes, that was “The Bachelorette” finalist  Chris Lambton getting some retail therapy at the  Cape Cod Mall yesterday just hours after he and  Roberto Martinez officially became the last two men standing in the run for the roses.

Of course, Track readers knew weeks ago that the Dennis landscaper would make the final two, but if our reading of the tea leaves is correct, wethinks that Chris may not win the hand of Williamstown honey Ali Fedowtowsky .

The buzz from the Cape is that a census taker visited Chez Lambton recently and that Chris was in da house when he called. Chris’ dad told the census guy that no, there would be no new residents moving in, which tends to suggest that Ali would not be relocating from La-La back to Mass., right?

“He said that Chris had gone pretty far, but it was just a show for entertainment, wasn’t it?” said our Dennis spywitness.

Well, even if he doesn’t score the last rose, wethinks Chris’ chances of being the next “Bachelor” are getting better by the day. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly jumped on the Lambton bandwagon.


Not a fan of “wethinks.” And Ali has made it all too clear that even if she does pick Chris she would never move back to Massachusetts, aka “that place.” (Seriously, Ali, I get that you don’t want to be a Masshole anymore, but you don’t have to diss our homeland all the time.)


You should also check out this “Cape Cast” of Chris and Ali in Tahiti from the Cape Cod Times. It’s funny. They have these two guys-guys talking about “The Bachelorette” like the Red Sox. I agree, though. Roberto is “a hunk” and will be tough to beat. Team Roberto!


That’s it! That’s all I got. You do the rest of the digging to find out what Chris bought at the mall. Maybe he’s supporting Frank by shopping at his neighborhood Abercrombie & Fitch.


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