I'll bet.

Those poops.

Remember the earlier preview about what’s coming up “this season” on “The Bachelorete” and it looked like Ty Brown was going to Tahiti, when ABC just spliced in old footage of Ty from the calendar date?

Now ABC is doing another version of misleading promos, this time for next Monday’s “The Men Tell All.”

Reality Steve already said the MTA taping on Saturday was boring and not much happened, so it’s no wonder ABC felt it had to do something to drum up some interest.

They decided to make it seem like Justin “Rated-R” Rego would be there to tell his story. But he won’t be.

As Justin just posted on his Facebook Fan Page:

Justin “Rated-R” Rego’s Official Bachelorette Fan Page Like I said the next day when I was eliminated off the show, I WILL NOT BE DOING THE MEN TEL ALL & the fact that the producers are misleading fans once again just shows you how truly fake this show has become..

The “has become” part is a bit rich. It’s always been pretty fake. Don’t make it just about you. But, yeah, they’re trying to mislead us again.

Anyway, I couldn’t care less about Frank and Nicole and their drama. I suppose we’ll have to hear more about it during “After the Final Rose,” but I’m done.

As the sun now stands I believe the following:

Ali dumps Chris. Roberto proposes. She accepts. They break up sometime afterward and may or may not reveal that at the ATFR. Chris becomes the next Bachelor.

That’s just how I feel today. It’s based partly on the Fans of Reality TV spoilers, Cash’s blog, the idea of Mike Fleiss “Fleissing” Reality Steve on the ending and what I want to happen. Except for the part about the breakup. I want Roberto to be moving to California to be with Ali, but everyone keeps saying Ali is single. What does that mean?


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