Team Roberto! Yes we can! Yes I brought back the Obama phrase for The Bachelorette! Yes!

By Gina Carbone

Omigod omigod omigod. I don’t want to get too excited too soon, but I’m going to do it anyway.


The Fans of Reality TV sleuths on the Roberto Spoilers page just dug up some major dish. I know I’m taken with quoting them all the time, but this is why.

As you probably know, Roberto Martinez is an insurance agent with State Farm Insurance in South Carolina. Or, he was…


A new poster called Kat4Carolina just posted this today:

“1st post, but longtime lurker. Don’t know if this has been posted yet….tried looking through all of the latest posts, but there are A LOT! Berto’s company directory information at SF has changed to an office in Cali. Not sure when it happened, but he is no longer showing in the Southern Zone.”

This was met with a wave of furious sleuthing, followed by confirmation from MiniDiva:

“It is true! Roberto is registered in the State of California as of today! License period starts August 1 2010 and ends July 31, 2012. No city listed but it is definitely our Roberto Martinez, Jr. with a business address of Sullivan’s Island, SC!”

So why would Roberto transfer to an office in California? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Kat4Carolina, who turns out to be a State Farm employee, came back into the discussion with this:

“Yes, I work at SF. Have a brother and many friends who are agents in SC so I know the agency intern process well…along with the state of SC.
I looked up his name a couple of weeks ago and it showed GA/SC (Southern Zone that I referred to earlier).
Today is shows the California Zone with Irvine listed as the home office. But like many before me have said, that is somewhat of a “holding tank” until he gets his office assignment. Much like Duluth, GA was for him previously.
Emailed RS and he had not heard a word. Am awaiting a reply back.”


This thread continues. Follow it here.

Obviously it proves nothing yet, but it’s a hint that Ali Fedotowsky does pick Roberto and he is moving to California to be close to her.

Wishful thinking? Desperation? Could very well be. But it could also be that Reality Steve got ‘Fleissed’ after all!


By the way, check out Cash’s blog for some potential spoilers she has from a source named “Don.” She says it’s unconfirmed, but this is what she was told and posted on Monday, July 12:

  • Roberto gets the first fantasy date in Tahiti, then Chris, then she meets with Frank.
  • Frank tells Ali that he’s going back home to Nicole, she breaks down like we see in the previews.
  • She had doubts before about Frank and was suspicious of his motives. She was pissed that this happened twice in her season and that she didn’t let him go sooner.
  • The next day, which was originally meant to be the day of the rose ceremony, Ali visits with Roberto and Chris individually to tell them about what happened with Frank. She sees Roberto first, then Chris.
  • At this point in talking to Roberto and Chris, she grills them about their intentions and whether or not they have girlfriends at home, too.
  • Neither guy knew that Frank had a girl back home. They were surprised because Frank seemed to be really into Ali and was jealous of the other guys’ relationships with her.
  • The time Ali spent talking to both of the guys that day was well over 10 hours. It was extremely emotional for everybody
  • Roberto meets Ali’s family first. They loved him
  • Chris goes second. They liked him, too. Her brother thinks Chris may be too old for Ali.
  • Ali also thinks Chris is too old for her. She thinks he might be ready to be settled and have kids sooner than she will be. Her brother saying that he might be too old for her is a confirmation of this feeling.
  • Roberto has his last chance date first, then Chris.
  • At the FRC, Chris comes first.
  • Two days pass, Ali spends this time with Roberto in Tahiti (this is where that Twitter picture comes from). Roberto knows that Chris is out of the picture.
  • The FRC with Roberto is filmed.
  • Ali and Roberto are engaged and happy.
  • They’ve spent time together at a safe house. The safe house is not in LA.
  • 5 of Ali’s friends told a certain other blogger that Ali is single. This is a spoof and Ali is in on it. They think it’s hilarious.
  • The producers are loving that everybody has different information. It’s exactly what they wanted and was the plan from day one.

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