I don't even care about Frank anymore. Frank is past tense to me.

By Gina Carbone

I really didn’t want to see this.

How much do we believe InTouch Weekly? Cause I’m feeling pretty “X-Files” about Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez — I want to believe … that they are perfect. Wholesome vessels of Good Husband Material that just drifted down from the sky.

But that’s silly. Of course they aren’t. Not like Ali Fedotowsky is a saint, either.

Anyway, InTouch released a story via PopEater and I’m finding it a few days late because — silly me! — I was trying to focus positive energy on *Team Roberto* and Team Chris. I still love them.

The story also rags on Frank Neuschaefer, but it can get in line. Everybody’s ragging on Frank.


To quote the InTouch story (sections put in bold by me):

The show began to shift this season when Frank abruptly left to go back to his secret ex-girlfriend, Nicole Caruso. “People think, ‘Oh, you signed up for this, you need to love her.’ But no, absolutely not. And Frank didn’t think they would fall in love,” a source tells In Touch. “He followed his heart and did what was best for him — and ultimately what’s best for Ali, too.”

Although Frank often looked jealous on camera, he was allegedly egged on by producers to act that way. “They would say things like, ‘Are you sure everything’s okay with you and Ali, because we saw this and that,’ and they even walked him by dates to show her connection to the other guys,” another source claims. But in the end, “he didn’t want to be another Jake and Vienna.”

And with two final guys left, Ali may be in for even more upset. Although the finalists look innocent on camera, sources reveal
Chris is the life of the party and not looking to settle down. “He goes to the same two bars most nights and is not shy about taking different girls home with him,” says the insider. “It’s not just one girl. It’s multiple girls. It’s gotten to the point that some of his friends have said, ‘You have to tone it down.'”

Meanwhile, Roberto Martinez’s ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Ortiz discloses about his shady past. Ortiz claims the two dated a few months when “he disappeared. His cell phone was disconnected. He erased his Facebook account. I could not find him. I thought he was dead!”

She had no idea what had happened until a friend called to tell her to turn on ‘The Bachelorette.’ “It was just one of the most humiliating moments of my life,” she says. “I just wanted to slap him in the face,” she says, adding, “He’s just a really good liar.”


One of the sleuths on Fans of Reality TV has more intel on Roberto and Gabrielle:

To quote emusha:

– they were exclusively dating for 2 months till feb when Gabriella went to Puerto Rico and when she came back all his contact stuff was disconnected and/or deleted (so they weren’t serious enough that they were in touch when she was away I guess??)
– he had told her he wanted to get married (it’s not clear whether it was with her or just in general)…she said he should have just told her he wanted to do the show instead of lying
– he once stopped in the middle of driving to kiss her – she said that’s what he did with Ali on the first date on the tightrope, they went salsa dancing and even a helicopter ride
– in hindsight something that could give her a hint about his interest in the show = he asked her how to pose for pictures – at that point she just brushed it off even though she thought it was a bit weird
– she’s trying to get over it cos she can’t just stay home and cry…but she just wants him to explain to her why he did it. she felt very humiliated finding out he was on the show from a friend…

FWIW: Their picture actually looked pretty cute she has long brunet hair and big eyes (kinda looks like Roberto a lil bit)…they were both smiling wide and he was holding her close to his side like a couple would posing for a picture – she looked pretty but that picture didn’t make her look like a model who’s trying to get some attention at all…

ETA: for the record and for some reason I think I believe Gabrielle after reading the article myself that he hurt her…eventhough I think she embellished her story substantially… & on that note I’m detaching myself from the whole Roberto is a perfect guy image in my eyes – no guy is perfect! esp in this day and age *ugh*


Back to me. I doubt this Gabrielle chick was terribly close with Roberto if it was this easy for him to lose her. Sounds like a very casual relationship not worthy of the “big prize” that is Roberto. I can’t find the photo mentioned above, though.

Chris L. being a saucy ho? That I can see. It fits with the idea of him chatting up a single gal on a plane and making plans to meet up with her that night. (Don’t believe the guy who says Chris was talking to his father’s wife. She said she was single. Unless this guy is saying he watched his dad’s wife flirt and make plans to meet up with Chris that night.)

But that doesn’t mean Chris and Roberto aren’t ready for serious relationships with the right girls for them. Ali is still out there partying with Jennifer Love Hewitt and company. So no one is really acting like they are ready to settle down, but we all know if the right one comes along everything changes. It just may be that the right one hasn’t come along for any of them yet.

They’re going to be fine. It just sucks to be us as viewers.

By the way, Reality Steve has more intel on “Men Tell All” and “After the Final Rose.” Remember, MTA films this weekend and ATFR is next weekend. Fun!


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