Dimples, I choo-choo-choose you! I want to believe Ali chooses you, too.

By Gina Carbone

OK, so I don’t have an actual poll here. But if you just click on Are You Team Chris or Team Roberto? you can add your voice to the comments, which right now seem to favor Chris Lambton over Roberto Martinez.

You can also go to the BacheloretteFans Facebook page where around 600 people have commented on this important issue, with about 65 percent appearing to choose Team Chris.

That is not OK. I am solidly Team Roberto.

Chris is — to quote Ali Fedotowsky’s favorite word — “amazing.” His family? Amazing. The dog? Amazing? The whales having sex out there? Amazing. But not for AFed.

Chris and Ali don’t have much to bind them at this point besides both being from Massachusetts (so am I and I’m not right for Chris either; by the way, Cape Cod is not a town). Ali awwwws over Chris’ family talk, but he makes us all awww.

Chris is going to be the next Bachelor — I’m willing to put money on it — so this is all just build up to the announcement. Based on the number of people writing TEAM CHRIS!!! in the Facebook comments he will be a popular Bachelor. Until he screws up. They all do, eventually.


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