This is how to dress when you want the girl to take the hint and dump you.

By Gina Carbone

Well, crap. What is the point of this season’s “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” if neither Frank Neuschaefer nor Justin “Rated-R” Rego will be there? Is everyone just going to rag on Kasey Kahl? Again? Feels old.


Anyway, today Reality Steve posted deets on the upcoming filming of “Men Tell All”:

So the “Men Tell All” taping is this Saturday in LA. I have every reason to believe I will know what happens after its done filming. One problem: I’ll be in Austin this weekend. I’m determining exactly how this is going to work. I guess I’ll make my decision on Saturday. If some major info comes down from the taping, then I’ll find a way to post it on my blog. Probably be really short and just relay the info on to my friend to do it for me. But if there’s nothing earth shattering being revealed at the taping, I’ll probably just wait til Sunday night when I get home. It’ll all depend on what happens. One thing I can tell you for sure about the “Men Tell All”: Frank will not be there. They’re bringing Frank in to join Chris and Roberto when they tape the “After the Final Rose” show. So, your final three aren’t going to be there, nor is Justin. Or so he says as of this past weekend. What the hell are they gonna talk about for two hours? Probably a lot of “Bachelor Pad” promotion I’m guessing. So I can’t imagine anything newsworthy coming out of the “Men Tell All”, but if there is, it’ll be up Saturday evening at some point.


Kirk needs to answer for his lack of tears last night. I demand drama! And I demand Chris and Roberto consider ditching Ali and dating each other. Give it some thought.

So no Frank until “After the Final Rose,” where he will be joined by Chris “Future Bachelor #15” Lambton and Roberto “Dimples” Martinez.

They should do a special “After the Final F–kery” show with just Justin, Frank and Ali.

By the way, the “Men Tell All” airs Monday, July 26 and the ATFR airs Monday, August 2, right after the two-hour finale — where Ali either chooses no one and stays single or accepts a proposal from either Roberto (more likely) or Chris (more likely to be saved like a prized virgin for later sacrifice).


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