It really tied their relationship together.

By Gina Carbone

Hard to believe, but the Frank Neuschaefer drama hasn’t even started yet on “The Bachelorette.” Plenty of hints have been dropped and we have the ominous previews where Frank says (for the umpteenth time) “I should be happy, but I’m not…”

Nicole sounds young.

Watch an ABC sneak peek of his reunion with ex-girlfriend Nicole Caruso here in this semi-sleazy video. Is she chewing gum through the talk or does it just sort of sound like she’s chewing gum when she talks?

According to the spoilers, Frank’s reunion with Nicole was filmed after the hometown dates but before Tahiti. So did they really fly Frank to Los Angeles for the hometown dates rose ceremony, then fly him back to Chicago for the ex-girlfriend reunion, then on to Tahiti? That sounds like travel overkill. Anyway, they air the g-friend reunion footage  next week when Frank drops the bomb in Tahiti.

Did he just want the free trip? How far back was this deal made with ABC? Day one, in the contract, please include trip to Tahiti? How much did Ali Fedotowsky know in advance? Is this all just one big acting gig?

Anyway, Crushable has a story out that Frank wants the rug back. Remember that rug, in Turkey, the one he swore up and down he wasn’t going to buy? Then bought? (By the way, in a deleted scene from Turkey, a fortune teller predicts trouble for Frank and Ali.)

According to Crushable:

“Faced with incoming viewer backlash following Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Frank Neuschaefer – who leaves Ali Fedotowsky high, dry and heartbroken in Tahiti – is keeping a low profile in Chicago with girlfriend Nicole Caruso, the girlfriend he returns to post-Tahiti. Still, he has one request, Crushable has learned: Remember the lavish Turkish rug he purchased for Ali during their one-on-one date in Istanbul? Ali was supposed to give it back but still has it. ‘She was meant to send it to me and didn’t,’ he texted our source, who was concerned. Otherwise, Frank is mum on how the dramz plays out: ‘All I know is that he’s still with Nicole.'”

This is Nicole opening the door for Frank in the previews.

Do you really think Ali is holed up somewhere with that giant rug? ABC bought that thing for them, right? Was that really Frank’s magic carpet? Where the hell is he going to put it? He lives at home with his parents. How big is their basement?

Anyway, the sleuths at Fans of Reality TV are all over spoilers of any kind and on the Frank Spoiler page one of the sleuths wrote “I ‘heard’ from a little birdie that Frank is engaged but for obvious reasons can not announce it yet – and it is NOT to Ali.”

So maybe Frank is going to follow through on Justin Rego’s promises and leave the show at the top three and return home to marry his girlfriend. Someone has to do it! Plus, he needs a new place to live, so it might as well be with the one chick who will be able to stand him after this season is over.

Do you think the guys will give him hell on the “Men Tell All”? Even if it’s just for show, for the ladies in the audience and viewers at home?


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