Am I the only one who thinks Chris is being groomed to be the next "Bachelor"?

I was just wandering around the official Bachelorette Facebook page (Gina has too much time on her hands!) and saw this blurb with a list of upcoming dates for the rest of “The Bachelorette” season 6:

“This season Ali has traveled around the world and every heartbreaking decision has lead to this! RSVP below to attend a phenomenal finale that you won’t want to miss. Let’s just say that no one (and we mean no one) should get too comfortable….”

Maybe I’m overthinking this, or just over wishful thinking this, but that “and we mean no one” gives me hope for a surprise finale. Do they mean spoiler readers should be surprised because Ali does accept a proposal? Or are they hinting to the idea that Ali chooses no one, as Reality Steve has said all along?

Anyway, here’s the Remaining Season Schedule:

1) Monday, July 12 8|7c: Roberto, Chris L., Kirk and Frank take Ali to their respective hometown
2) Monday, July 19 8|7c: The 3 remaining guys travel with Ali to Tahiti for overnight dates
3) Monday, July 26 8|7c: The Men Tell All
4) Monday, August 2 8|7c: Season Finale: The 2 remaining guys meet Ali’s family and a decision will be made!
5) Monday, August 2 10|9c: After The Final Rose

To me, “The Men Tell All” should air right after Tahiti. Just like “After the Final Rose” airs right after the season finale.

We already know Justin “Rated-R” Rego is refusing to do the “Men Tell All” thing. But what about Frank Neuschaefer? Will he dare? Reality Steve should have news on this soon, don’t you think? They must be taping this right around now.


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