Can we pretend this never happened? I mean, the man wore tight green shorts, for heaven's sake.

By Gina Carbone

There are always little gems hidden in Reality Steve’s missives.

First, he commented today about the Us Weekly story that alleges Ali is engaged. He reiterated that five different sources told him Ali Fedotowsky is single and his sources have not been wrong in two seasons.

He then writes about the Bachelor cruise — the one Reid Rosenthal jumped ship on — and said he’s going to interview Justin “Rated-R” Rego on Thursday. I already talked to the guy and you can read my crazy detailed interview here, if you feel like it.

But I feel like that ship has sailed. More people seem interested in Frank now, as well as the idea that Reality Steve may have been Fleissed on the ending. And, of course, The Jake and Vienna Show.

But check this out: After all that, Steve mentions his trip to Chicago — which is not exactly a fairy tale place like Portugal, it seems, since that’s the land of Frank Neuschaefer and his g-friend, Nicole Caruso, plus Season 5 “Bachelorette” Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski.


According to Steve, Jillian and Ed broke up. Here’s what he has to say about that:

“And finally, I mentioned after I’d gotten back from Chicago a couple weeks a note about how not to get your hopes up about Jillian and Ed ever getting married because it wasn’t going to happen. I can further update that story. I’m surprised the tabloids haven’t run with this yet, but I’m sure they will soon. Jillian and Ed are done. Finished. Over. Don’t know who broke up with who, don’t know any reasons behind it, I just know those two are over despite what they are publicly saying or tweeting or facebooking to each other. I swear I’ll never understand those two’s relationship until the day I die. But now that’s in the past since they’re done. Yet another unsuccessful couple from this show. Ali should be glad she picked no one. Look what two lovebirds like Jake and Vienna turned into last night….”


*Update* Check out this story: OK! EXCLUSIVE: Ed & Jillian ‘Split’ to Save Relationship? According to this, Jillian is moving back to her parents’ home in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. (How Frank of her!) “It’s not really a ‘split’ though. . . We have just been having a tough time, and I needed to go back home [Canada],” Jillian told OK! Sounds like a split from here.

*Update 2* From E! News:  A Rose Is Just a Rose: Bachelorette’s Jillian and Ed Call It Quits “We’re both pretty sad,” Ed told E! News. “There’s no scandal, just little bit of heartbreak. We’re not bitter. We’re working through our issues.”


I just checked out Jillian’s Twitter, where ET Canada wanted a comment about a story. Was it a Jake/Vienna story or did they hear about this break-up rumor?

This is what they wrote:

@designerjillian hey Jillian can you DM us – there is a story we would love a comment from you on.

Here is Jill’s response:

@ETCanada no way jose! I’ll dm you … but no comments from this one! that story is too crazy for me! Hope you understand! 🙂

*Update* Now look what’s on Jillian’s Twitter:

ThatsSherri2U @ETCanada Best news ever! RT – actually we reported that @designerjillian and ed DID NOT break up.


Anyway, if the Reality Steve story is correct, and Jillian and Ed did break up, it’s sad. Not surprising, but sad. The highlight of their relationship, for me, was their April Fools Day prank where they said Jillian was pregnant and pretended to set a wedding date. Other than that, they seemed wrong from the start.

I’m telling you, she should’ve picked Reid. Now Reid is happy and Jillian may be alone. Which I still think is better than being with Ed, considering the tabloid stuff. I know it’s tabloid stuff, but as Jake noted last night, even they get it 40 percent right.


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